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  1. 1.This, in Lima
  2. 2.Cave effect
  3. 3.Money in the form of coins
  4. 4."Help us!”
  5. 5.Saudi, say
  6. 6."Bad boy!”
  7. 7.Dehydrate
  8. 8.Actor Slater goes on vacation?
  9. 9.Lima's land
  10. 10.Sappho's Greek island
  11. 11.Ending for Peking
  12. 12.10th-century German king
  13. 13.Racing driver Wallace does some hammering?
  14. 14.Buddhist branch
  15. 15.Emmy winner Baldwin
  16. 16.Sow's sound
  17. 17.Global commerce gp.
  18. 18.Niagara River source
  19. 19."I could — horse!”
  20. 20."Crawling” internet bot
  21. 21.Mild aversion
  22. 22.Reindeer kin
  23. 23.Deficient
  24. 24.Employed for the purpose of
  25. 25.Indigo dye
  26. 26.— Fridays
  27. 27.Dancer Rogers loses control?
  28. 28.Thurman of film
  29. 29.Baseball's Hershiser
  30. 30.Meth- ending
  31. 31.Accessory for a meal fit for a queen?
  32. 32."... — my brother”
  33. 33.— Lankan
  34. 34.Lead-in to glottis or Pen
  35. 35.Rise on the hind legs
  36. 36.Appear
  37. 37.Tatty cloth
  38. 38.Boxer Marciano begins?
  39. 39.Ancient Greek city
  40. 40.Islam, e.g.: Abbr.
  41. 41.Pitcher's goof
  42. 42.Teensy
  43. 43.Sporty auto roof
  44. 44.Heroic tales
  45. 45.From memory
  46. 46."I smell —!”
  47. 47.Whittle down
  48. 48.Capital of South Australia
  49. 49.On — with
  50. 50.Put away for the future
  51. 51.Totally fix up
  52. 52.Hair removal brand
  53. 53.Reclined
  54. 54.Sow's home
  55. 55.Pasty stuff
  56. 56.Singer Aiken woos someone?
  57. 57.Lead-in to a bit of bad news
  58. 58."Ciao!”
  59. 59.Filmmaker Bergman
  60. 60.Comedian Buttons gains a lot of weight?
  61. 61.— out an existence
  62. 62.System
  63. 63.Agenda unit
  64. 64.Shining
  65. 65.Russo of "Big Trouble”
  66. 66.GMC crossover SUV model
  67. 67."Heaven help —!”
  68. 68.Actress Meyers
  69. 69.Sink down
  70. 70.— -cone
  71. 71.Dancer Charisse
  72. 72."Look what I just did!”
  73. 73.Reveals
  74. 74.Light in signs
  75. 75.Raptors' gp.
  76. 76.Have debts
  77. 77.iPhone extra
  78. 78.Most thickset
  79. 79.Very troubled
  80. 80.Writer Deighton
  81. 81.Singer Benatar replies?
  82. 82.Pain in the neck
  83. 83.Ester in plastics
  84. 84.Actor George of "CSI”
  85. 85.Like whiteboards
  86. 86.Opera song
  87. 87.Kay-em link
  88. 88.Oration of adulation
  89. 89.Newspaper based in McLean, Va.
  90. 90.Make — buck
  91. 91.Jurists' org.
  92. 92.Donkeys
  93. 93.Vote in favor
  94. 94.Singer Gayle plays tenpins?
  95. 95.Saloon
  96. 96.Greek harp player of yore
  97. 97.Far offshore
  98. 98.Quarterback Bradshaw dries himself off?
  99. 99.Phone no.
  100. 100.Stadium level
  101. 101.Sock pattern
  102. 102.Part of SSN: Abbr.
  103. 103."-ology” kin
  104. 104.— Canals
  105. 105.Morales of "Rapa Nui”
  106. 106.Fourth mo.
  107. 107.Pain in the neck
  108. 108.Yosemite peak, in brief
  109. 109.Ye — Shoppe
  110. 110.Ending for duct or infant
  111. 111.Outrageous comedies
  112. 112.Fir relative
  113. 113.Lovey
  114. 114.Actress Dennis leaps?
  115. 115.Takes care of
  116. 116.Slugger Sammy
  117. 117.With, in Paris
  118. 118.Gmail competitor
  119. 119.Wheel center
  120. 120."True —!” ("Yep!”)
  121. 121.Psychic skill
  122. 122.Classic soda brand
  123. 123.Helicopter or glider
  124. 124.What "(” and ")” are, for short
  125. 125."... — baked a cake”
  126. 126.Analyzes
  127. 127.Founder of Taoism
  128. 128.Jessica of "7th Heaven”
  129. 129.Jewish month
  130. 130.Closet pest
  131. 131.Architect Gehry speaks?
  132. 132.Reduces the worth of
  133. 133.Security ticker symbol
  134. 134.Make bare
  135. 135.Free TV spot, for short
  136. 136.Approved
  137. 137.Waterproof canvas cover
  138. 138.Missouri tribespeople
  139. 139.JFK guess
  140. 140.Opening
  141. 141."Son of,” in 1-Across names
  142. 142.In a stupor
  143. 143.Gen. at Gettysburg
  144. 144.Freeway sight
  145. 145.Huge hero
  146. 146.Opened, as a wine bottle

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