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  1. 1.Adore, on a candy heart
  2. 2.Foppish scarf
  3. 3.Language of Libya
  4. 4.Make repairs
  5. 5.A quarter of twenty
  6. 6.Pneumatic engines
  7. 7.Not potent
  8. 8.Amazement
  9. 9.It hasn't been seen before
  10. 10."Cool, dude!”
  11. 11.Lead-in to nuptial
  12. 12.Bodily blinker
  13. 13.Literary finale
  14. 14.TV doctor Doogie
  15. 15.Light bulb wire
  16. 16.Means of thwarting software piracy
  17. 17.Partook of humble pie
  18. 18.Arafat's PLO successor
  19. 19.Guided
  20. 20.Chicken chow —
  21. 21.Les — et les autres (both, in French)
  22. 22.Group beliefs
  23. 23.Neither here — there
  24. 24.Big dino
  25. 25.Town in east-central New York
  26. 26.Ovule, e.g.
  27. 27.Several
  28. 28.Chicago White —
  29. 29.— dixit (claim with no evidence)
  30. 30.Rescue squad VIP
  31. 31.Old-time lawyer and senator Chauncey
  32. 32.At no cost, slangily
  33. 33.Like white, wet weather
  34. 34."Sheesh, no need to be so critical!”
  35. 35.Cosmetic accentuating the kisser
  36. 36.Soap ingredient
  37. 37.— -friendly
  38. 38.Used a rocker, e.g.
  39. 39."I — Rock” (1966 hit)
  40. 40.East Asian gambling mecca
  41. 41.SeaWorld whale, once
  42. 42."The L Word” actress Kirshner
  43. 43.Most tired
  44. 44."Quo Vadis” emperor
  45. 45.Bowed
  46. 46.Capital of Turkey
  47. 47.Caesar's "I came”
  48. 48.Tavern
  49. 49.Digital entertainment periodical
  50. 50.Saddle-making tools
  51. 51.Make excited
  52. 52.River to the Rio Grande
  53. 53.Jazz fusion pianist Chick
  54. 54.Stolen
  55. 55.Metal-industry giant
  56. 56.Remus' twin
  57. 57.Type of fit
  58. 58.— -craftsy
  59. 59.Not too hard to get around
  60. 60.Option lists that might include the starts of seven answers in this puzzle
  61. 61.Agnus — (prayer)
  62. 62.Recon info
  63. 63.Refrigerator brand
  64. 64.Ortiz of the screen
  65. 65.Alternative to People
  66. 66.Rocker Tyler
  67. 67.Lubricants
  68. 68.Australian avians
  69. 69.Really militant sort
  70. 70.MYOB part
  71. 71.Oscar winner Bancroft
  72. 72.Huck Finn's polite assent
  73. 73.Olympic skiing champ Phil
  74. 74.Linda Ronstadt's "— Easy”
  75. 75.Fiesta target
  76. 76."I wanna!”
  77. 77.— Field (Mets' home)
  78. 78.Top-shelf
  79. 79.California wine county
  80. 80.— Rica
  81. 81.Immigrant's course: Abbr.
  82. 82.Day's end, poetically
  83. 83.Futilely
  84. 84.Miffed
  85. 85.TV's Swenson
  86. 86.Joe Biden's party: Abbr.
  87. 87.Gumshoes
  88. 88.Milano of "Mistresses”
  89. 89.Join forces
  90. 90.Colts' and Broncos' gp.
  91. 91.Attack like a cat
  92. 92.Oom- —
  93. 93.Utah town on the Colorado
  94. 94.Discover via unpleasant personal experience
  95. 95.2005 Donna Andrews mystery novel
  96. 96.At least one
  97. 97.Emotion-hiding types
  98. 98.Addition sign
  99. 99.He and she, e.g.
  100. 100.Boulevard
  101. 101.Not behind a firewall, say
  102. 102."Obviously!”
  103. 103.Call to a ewe
  104. 104.Hastens, old-style
  105. 105.States openly
  106. 106.Counterpart to trans-, gender-wise
  107. 107.Weight allowances
  108. 108.Sirs' counterparts
  109. 109.Israeli gun
  110. 110.Green-lights
  111. 111.Place for keeping bees
  112. 112.Mail opening
  113. 113.This, in Peru
  114. 114.Anxiety-free
  115. 115.Campsite hookup users, in brief
  116. 116.Ready to hit the baseball
  117. 117.Many 4WD autos
  118. 118.Holiday tuber
  119. 119.Poker-faced
  120. 120.Enterprise engineer
  121. 121.Illegal booze
  122. 122.Winners' signs
  123. 123.Spy spoof of old TV
  124. 124.Designer Saarinen
  125. 125.Plant stem
  126. 126.Absence of muddled thoughts
  127. 127.Christina of "Cursed”
  128. 128.Mattress supporter
  129. 129.Unvarnished
  130. 130.Snares
  131. 131.Forgo
  132. 132.A Gershwin
  133. 133.Roush of baseball
  134. 134.Claims
  135. 135.Sound systems
  136. 136.Unwilling
  137. 137.Reactions to corny puns
  138. 138.Actor Ryan
  139. 139.Grain holder
  140. 140.Bergman of film

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