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  1. 1.Atoll part
  2. 2.Wince
  3. 3.Esoteric
  4. 4.Leave — (reward the server)
  5. 5.Org. associated with the nine missions featured in this puzzle
  6. 6.Hayloft sites
  7. 7.Gussied up
  8. 8.Golf peg
  9. 9.Spanish for "dry”
  10. 10.Suffer defeat
  11. 11.Religious convert's cry
  12. 12.Stand-up comedy TV series
  13. 13.Combination punches
  14. 14.Calf-length skirt
  15. 15.Sundae topping
  16. 16.Florence institute near the Uffizi Gallery
  17. 17.Harvard rival
  18. 18.Lizardlike amphibians
  19. 19."Hair” hairdo
  20. 20.JFK datum
  21. 21.Prefix with sense
  22. 22.Kicks on football fields
  23. 23."Been there myself, man”
  24. 24.Long, bitter speech
  25. 25.False god
  26. 26.Actor Morales
  27. 27."2001” computer
  28. 28.Enter, as to a database
  29. 29."Peek- —!”
  30. 30.In excess of
  31. 31.Pinnacle
  32. 32.Show sleepiness
  33. 33.Snooty sort
  34. 34.Virus, e.g.
  35. 35.Mystery's Christie
  36. 36.Mounts, as a gemstone
  37. 37."TiK —” (#1 Kesha hit)
  38. 38.Suffix with sect
  39. 39.Tag again
  40. 40.Feng —
  41. 41."— little teapot ...”
  42. 42.Color
  43. 43.Razz
  44. 44.Flood stopper
  45. 45.Doorway part
  46. 46.Baby bed
  47. 47.Tastelessly showy
  48. 48.— tai (drink)
  49. 49.— double life
  50. 50.Bar drink
  51. 51.Pushpin's kin
  52. 52.Winner, informally
  53. 53.Klutz
  54. 54.Vie for the affection of
  55. 55.Most preferred: Abbr.
  56. 56.Mag staffers
  57. 57.1958 Leslie Caron film
  58. 58.Strauss of jeans
  59. 59.Soup additive, for short
  60. 60.Daniel Boone or Johnny Appleseed
  61. 61.Freezes
  62. 62.Eric the Red, for one
  63. 63.Intersectors of aves.
  64. 64."The Treasure of the Sierra —”
  65. 65.Distrustful
  66. 66.Use deep massage on
  67. 67."QED” center
  68. 68.Cavity fillers' org.
  69. 69.Wound result
  70. 70.Pakistani's language
  71. 71.Camcorder button abbr.
  72. 72.World Cup gp.
  73. 73.Very big
  74. 74.Home to Boise: Abbr.
  75. 75.MGM's lion
  76. 76.Melon variety
  77. 77.Anecdote
  78. 78.Ending for form
  79. 79.Lamarr of "Boom Town”
  80. 80.Discharge
  81. 81.Sends along
  82. 82.Navigable sea route in southern Chile
  83. 83.Sheer linen fabric
  84. 84.New York Giants' div.
  85. 85.Singer Gill
  86. 86.Suffix with ball or bass
  87. 87.Pumped stuff
  88. 88.Fall behind
  89. 89.— Melodies (old cartoon series)
  90. 90.Really liking
  91. 91.Popular hot sauce brand
  92. 92.German "the”
  93. 93.Sundae toppings
  94. 94.Train support
  95. 95.An ex-Trump
  96. 96.Port of Italy
  97. 97.Skillful and clever
  98. 98."Woe —!”
  99. 99.Those people
  100. 100.Most promising
  101. 101.River in Europe and Asia
  102. 102.A.D. part
  103. 103.Org. offering tows
  104. 104.Formerly, formerly
  105. 105.Stares at creepily
  106. 106.Illuminated
  107. 107.One mapping terrain
  108. 108.Old Ford make, in brief
  109. 109.Mix for a deli sandwich
  110. 110.Shiba — (Japanese dog breed)
  111. 111.Kia Sedona competitor
  112. 112.Water, to Juanita
  113. 113.All through the dark hours
  114. 114.Analyzes in a lab
  115. 115.Sports venues
  116. 116.Really must
  117. 117.TV show since fall '75
  118. 118.Skedaddle
  119. 119.Jewel box for music
  120. 120.Foretell
  121. 121.Pumped stuff
  122. 122."Sister Act” figure
  123. 123.Corkscrew
  124. 124."Skedaddle!”
  125. 125.Head dog
  126. 126.Sports venues
  127. 127.Strikebreaker
  128. 128.Lustrous gem
  129. 129.Creole veggie
  130. 130.Alvin of choreography
  131. 131.French "the”
  132. 132.Mega years
  133. 133.Flashy jewelry, informally
  134. 134.Designer for Jackie Kennedy
  135. 135.Blackhearted
  136. 136.Actor Danza
  137. 137.Like circles
  138. 138.Primitive kind of diet
  139. 139.GI tour gp.
  140. 140.Common typeface
  141. 141.Extra game periods, for short
  142. 142.Greek mountain nymph
  143. 143.Tree yielding chocolate
  144. 144.Golden — (senior)

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