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  1. 1."Am not!” rejoinder
  2. 2.Medieval weapon
  3. 3.Curtain fabric
  4. 4.Long span
  5. 5.— to go (fired up)
  6. 6.Former inmate
  7. 7."Inc.” relative
  8. 8.1999-2004 Oldsmobiles
  9. 9.Tone down
  10. 10.Fast Amtrak train
  11. 11.Talked about
  12. 12.— tai
  13. 13.Showman who rehabilitated injured people?
  14. 14.Not round-trip
  15. 15.Deep regret
  16. 16.Comics' Kett
  17. 17.Visorless cap
  18. 18.Pithy remark
  19. 19.Half-pint
  20. 20."Gesundheit” elicitor
  21. 21.Actress Rae
  22. 22.Barks of pain
  23. 23.Eye, in Spain
  24. 24.Printed circuit board, as for a laptop
  25. 25.Actor Cruise
  26. 26.AOL or MSN
  27. 27.Rural tract
  28. 28.Ex-Yankee Hideki —
  29. 29.Nancy in the House
  30. 30.Extensive, informally
  31. 31.Nintendo game system
  32. 32.Withdrawal of the U.K. from the E.U.
  33. 33.Prized violins, for short
  34. 34.That man
  35. 35.Keyboardist John
  36. 36.French article
  37. 37.Pear center
  38. 38.Sun orbiter
  39. 39.Comedian who did plumbing work?
  40. 40.Part of IPA
  41. 41.Suffix with novel
  42. 42.Architect who loved internet chatting?
  43. 43.Transcript fig.
  44. 44.Moral lapse
  45. 45.Env. alerter
  46. 46.Harold of the Manhattan Project
  47. 47.Vogue rival
  48. 48."— 'er rip!”
  49. 49.Brain section
  50. 50.Has as a goal
  51. 51.Ca++ or Cl-
  52. 52."Deck the Halls” syllables
  53. 53.Remove the cargo from
  54. 54.Classic toothpaste brand
  55. 55."Lah-di- —!”
  56. 56.Test facility
  57. 57.Fixed the pitch of
  58. 58.Actor who was always providing precedents?
  59. 59.Kids' writer who was a frequent flier?
  60. 60.Sheriff Wyatt
  61. 61.Old-time anesthetic
  62. 62.— -fi
  63. 63.Actor Arnaz
  64. 64.Rejections
  65. 65."I'll return very shortly,” in texts
  66. 66.Obama health law, for short
  67. 67.Stimulus
  68. 68.Fuse, as ore
  69. 69.Third-century pope
  70. 70.Plants with fronds
  71. 71.Awful racket
  72. 72.— Alamos
  73. 73.Mystery writer who was a constable?
  74. 74.—'acte
  75. 75.Morocco's capital
  76. 76.iPhone buys
  77. 77."God willing!”
  78. 78.Song that Kim sings to Hugo in "Bye Bye Birdie”
  79. 79.Boxer Ali
  80. 80.Toothpaste box inits.
  81. 81.Three, in Italy
  82. 82.Old autocrat
  83. 83.Reddi- — (dessert topping brand)
  84. 84.The Bengals, on scoreboards
  85. 85.Horse house
  86. 86.Kitchen pests
  87. 87.Chess ploys
  88. 88.In the thick of
  89. 89.Extinct
  90. 90.Brings joy to
  91. 91.Part of IPA
  92. 92.— low ebb
  93. 93.Helper
  94. 94.Shortstop Garciaparra
  95. 95.Gave a lousy review of
  96. 96.Vehicle often traded in
  97. 97.Second part of a play
  98. 98.Await
  99. 99.Health club
  100. 100.In a chair
  101. 101.Dull and heavy
  102. 102.Slightly
  103. 103.Litigant
  104. 104.Jokingly
  105. 105.Soda giant
  106. 106.Hamper
  107. 107.Sticks firmly to a decision
  108. 108."Oh yeah? — who?!”
  109. 109.Actress Best
  110. 110.Novelist who had a law degree?
  111. 111.Boston team
  112. 112.Hammerhead ends
  113. 113.Anonymous guy
  114. 114.— and crafts
  115. 115.Really must
  116. 116.Make up (for)
  117. 117.Suffix with novel
  118. 118.Bee attack
  119. 119.Org. supporting sober motorists
  120. 120.Joke around
  121. 121.Ending for bed or home
  122. 122.Grinding tool
  123. 123.Actor Jimmy
  124. 124.Casino cubes
  125. 125.North Carolina university
  126. 126.Captain Hook henchman
  127. 127.Bright red
  128. 128.Old Japanese governors
  129. 129.Keenness
  130. 130.As a whole
  131. 131.Camp shelter
  132. 132.Garbanzo, for one
  133. 133.Dole (out)
  134. 134.Alpine goat
  135. 135.Map extra
  136. 136.— jiffy (PDQ)
  137. 137.Give the right
  138. 138.ID for the IRS

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