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  1. 1.10th-century German king
  2. 2.Mil. draft org.
  3. 3.Qatari capital
  4. 4.Taking a pic of
  5. 5.Roman 1,106
  6. 6.Sign on to a computer
  7. 7.Element #76
  8. 8.Moniker
  9. 9.Helen who won four consecutive Emmys for 1-Across
  10. 10.— a time
  11. 11.Desensitize
  12. 12.Toss the dice
  13. 13.Vexed greatly
  14. 14.Singer Cooke
  15. 15.Old ATandT rival
  16. 16.Emmy-winning comedy of 2021 and '22
  17. 17.Flinched
  18. 18.Goofball
  19. 19.Four-time Emmy nominee for "Insecure”
  20. 20.Goad
  21. 21.Cut into glass
  22. 22.Acid's quality
  23. 23.2021 and '22 Emmy winner for playing the title role on 29-Across
  24. 24.Actor Gabe
  25. 25.Asia's — Sea
  26. 26.Shooting marbles
  27. 27.2021 and '22 Emmy winner for "Hacks”
  28. 28.1995 Emmy nominee Braga
  29. 29.Sunlamp emission, for short
  30. 30.Genuine
  31. 31.Styled after
  32. 32.Emmy-winning news satire from 2016 to '22
  33. 33.Neat — pin
  34. 34.Correction smudge
  35. 35.Gillette razor
  36. 36.Some PC screens
  37. 37.Golf's Palmer
  38. 38.Mtn. statistics
  39. 39.Moray, say
  40. 40."Son of —!”
  41. 41.Fib teller
  42. 42.Risky stuff to skate on
  43. 43.Cracker brand
  44. 44.Elite squad
  45. 45.Spanish for "they”
  46. 46.Homer epic
  47. 47.Q-U link
  48. 48.Channel for young tykes
  49. 49.Matthew who won a 2022 Emmy for "Succession”
  50. 50.Gave meds
  51. 51.2020 Emmy nominee Mahershala
  52. 52.Algerian port
  53. 53.Head, in Nice
  54. 54.Setting of the Emmy-winning series "The Golden Girls”
  55. 55.Pig — poke
  56. 56.As well
  57. 57.Brooks who won three Emmys for 1-Across
  58. 58.It aired the Emmy-nominated series "The Alienist”
  59. 59.Purported
  60. 60.Dame Nellie
  61. 61.18-wheeler
  62. 62.Spanish for "the sun”
  63. 63.Political organization
  64. 64.— box (TV)
  65. 65.Racks up
  66. 66."Martial Law” actor Hung
  67. 67.Bumps rudely
  68. 68.— noir wine
  69. 69.Go higher
  70. 70."Meh” grade
  71. 71."— About You” (Emmy-nominated sitcom)
  72. 72.Tuscany city
  73. 73.Gamer's "Yippee!”
  74. 74.Emmy-winning competition series from 2018 to '21
  75. 75.Alibis, e.g.
  76. 76."The King —”
  77. 77.Sci-fi royal
  78. 78.Dawn deity
  79. 79.Faux —
  80. 80.Gas brand
  81. 81.Trial fig.
  82. 82.— Zedong
  83. 83.Greg of "My Two Dads”
  84. 84.2022 Emmy-winning HBO series
  85. 85.Ever and —
  86. 86.Young tykes
  87. 87.2021 and '22 Emmy winner for his role on 29-Across
  88. 88.Saran or sari
  89. 89.Red meat
  90. 90."The Book —” (2010 action film)
  91. 91.2021 Emmy-winning Netflix drama
  92. 92."Ozark” Emmy nominee Pelphrey
  93. 93.Half of hexa-
  94. 94.Genuflected
  95. 95.2020 and '22 Emmy winner for "Euphoria”
  96. 96.Bro or sis
  97. 97.Emmy-nominated actress Lane
  98. 98.Seniors' gp.
  99. 99.Computer "floppy”
  100. 100.Of kidneys
  101. 101.Singer Fats
  102. 102.Wise king
  103. 103.Yellow fruits
  104. 104.Matt who has won six Emmys for "The Simpsons”
  105. 105."Pardon me,” in Italy
  106. 106.Hader who won two Emmys for playing Barry on "Barry”
  107. 107.— de mer
  108. 108.Future seed
  109. 109.In — surgery
  110. 110.Barrett or Jaffe
  111. 111.Make more compact
  112. 112.Cancel, as a launch
  113. 113.Pigeon call
  114. 114.Running the show, in brief
  115. 115.Actress Nash with four Emmy nominations
  116. 116.Hankering
  117. 117.Doping substance
  118. 118.Table linen fabric
  119. 119.Many a time
  120. 120.Ad- — (plays it by ear)
  121. 121.Flings
  122. 122.Singer DiFranco
  123. 123.Toon Olive
  124. 124.Four-time "Quantum Leap” Emmy nominee Stockwell
  125. 125.Bog plant
  126. 126.Category for which Quinta Brunson won a 2022 Emmy
  127. 127.— Mahal
  128. 128.Mythical hell
  129. 129."Stop!,” asea
  130. 130.Eight, in Ulm
  131. 131.2022 Emmy winner for "Abbott Elementary”
  132. 132.Wind blast
  133. 133.Year, in Rio
  134. 134.To and —
  135. 135.Mask feature
  136. 136.Great hatred
  137. 137.Bit of an oval
  138. 138.Kay-em link
  139. 139.Mauna —
  140. 140.Egyptian river
  141. 141.Starr who won an Emmy for "The Beatles: Get Back”
  142. 142.1985 Kate Nelligan film
  143. 143.Luau garland
  144. 144.Mouth off to

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