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  1. 1."QED” center
  2. 2."— Fideles”
  3. 3.College, to a Brit
  4. 4.Expire
  5. 5.French pals
  6. 6.Heads-up
  7. 7.Liquid asset
  8. 8.Give off
  9. 9.Big name in oil and gas
  10. 10.Not cluttered
  11. 11.Language spoken in Dhaka
  12. 12.Flying
  13. 13.Thin and watery
  14. 14.Singer Ritter
  15. 15.Rearranges
  16. 16.Mr. Capote, to friends
  17. 17.Manicurist's target
  18. 18.Mountain climbers, e.g.
  19. 19.Bryn —, Pennsylvania
  20. 20.In a weepy way
  21. 21.Lead-in to Cone or Cat
  22. 22.Become rigid
  23. 23.Riddle, part 3
  24. 24.Blew with short blasts
  25. 25.Frat shindig
  26. 26.End of the riddle
  27. 27.— Sea (Asian lake)
  28. 28.Rocket scientist Wernher — Braun
  29. 29.Showed on TV again
  30. 30.Give a speech
  31. 31.Roof part
  32. 32.Hercule creator Christie
  33. 33.Burstyn or Barkin of film
  34. 34."Quiet!”
  35. 35."Moo” maker
  36. 36.Kept from falling, as pants
  37. 37.Alleged psychic Geller
  38. 38.Eye opener?
  39. 39.Letter two before tau
  40. 40.Class jargon
  41. 41.— Scott case
  42. 42.Bad guys
  43. 43.USSR's Cold War foe
  44. 44.Added charge
  45. 45.Electrical current units
  46. 46.Scorch
  47. 47.Riddle, part 5
  48. 48.Scorch
  49. 49.Realize
  50. 50.Tech detail
  51. 51.Roman love god
  52. 52.Fence (in)
  53. 53.Rule from the throne
  54. 54.Decorative flower holders
  55. 55.Libreville's country
  56. 56.Seizes
  57. 57.D.C. baseballer
  58. 58.Martinez of baseball
  59. 59.Cravings
  60. 60.Riddle, part 2
  61. 61.Fruity quaff
  62. 62.Offspring-producing animal
  63. 63.Add-on
  64. 64.Army chaplain
  65. 65.— -TASS (news agency)
  66. 66.Basic musical chords
  67. 67.Formerly, old-style
  68. 68.Father, to a tot
  69. 69.Long to undo
  70. 70."The Simpsons” shout
  71. 71.Excessive bureaucracy
  72. 72.YouTube clip
  73. 73.Riddle, part 4
  74. 74."The lady — protest ...”
  75. 75.Court great Arthur
  76. 76.Back fish fins
  77. 77.Bagel center
  78. 78.Is in a chair
  79. 79.Mattel doll
  80. 80.Feel fluish, perhaps
  81. 81.Basil and bay leaf
  82. 82.Partner of neither
  83. 83.Brave in the face of adversity
  84. 84.Alexis or Peter, e.g.
  85. 85.Feel fluish, perhaps
  86. 86.Start of a riddle
  87. 87.Rubs elbows
  88. 88.Key in again
  89. 89.Thirsts for
  90. 90.Talk big
  91. 91.World Heritage Site gp.
  92. 92.Rajah's wife
  93. 93.Kazan of Hollywood
  94. 94.Neutral color
  95. 95.Not varying at all
  96. 96.Expire
  97. 97.Riddle, part 6
  98. 98.From time immemorial
  99. 99.Running out of steam
  100. 100.Dumpy dwellings
  101. 101.76ers' org.
  102. 102.Abashed
  103. 103.Mendes of "2 Fast 2 Furious”
  104. 104.Shocking EMT treatment
  105. 105."— Kapital”
  106. 106.Where the Marlins play
  107. 107.Civil wrong
  108. 108.Explosive compounds
  109. 109.Alluringly shy
  110. 110.Shrine images
  111. 111.Bruin great Bobby
  112. 112.Archipelago parts
  113. 113.Big name in PCs
  114. 114.Sci-fi's Solo
  115. 115.Wife of Zeus
  116. 116.Singer James or Jones
  117. 117.Ike's inits.
  118. 118.Psychic "gift”
  119. 119.Cheech and Chong personas
  120. 120.Cybermissive
  121. 121.Everglades mammal
  122. 122.Site of the Taj Mahal
  123. 123.Ideally
  124. 124.Hurry it up
  125. 125.Home for mil. jets
  126. 126.According to
  127. 127.Part of ROTC
  128. 128.Purple color
  129. 129.The Great Lakes' — Canals
  130. 130.Very wise
  131. 131.Bullfighter
  132. 132.Mendes of "
  133. 133.Knievel of motorcycle stunts
  134. 134.Augur's sign
  135. 135.Old stage star Hagen
  136. 136.Riddle's answer
  137. 137.All gone, as food
  138. 138.Reciprocal
  139. 139.Canadian tribe
  140. 140.Novelist Sarah — Jewett
  141. 141.1040 IDs: Abbr.

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