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  1. 1.Cavity fillers' org.
  2. 2.Attend
  3. 3.Sleuth, in slang
  4. 4.Angling pole
  5. 5.Stephen of "Citizen X”
  6. 6.Observance associated with eight key words in this puzzle
  7. 7.Twosome
  8. 8.Opposite of fast-forward: Abbr.
  9. 9.Anise-flavored liqueur
  10. 10."Rambo” site, in brief
  11. 11.Bygone Russ. state
  12. 12.Texas shrine
  13. 13.Bro, e.g.
  14. 14.Color lighter than emerald
  15. 15.Welcome kit pin-on
  16. 16.Knot up
  17. 17.Dubai's fed.
  18. 18.MSN rival
  19. 19.Statement to a person who had a close call
  20. 20."Groovy!”
  21. 21."— favor”
  22. 22.Back in time
  23. 23.Denver-to-Bismarck dir.
  24. 24.Is capable
  25. 25.Suffix with Tokyo
  26. 26.Toy truck producer
  27. 27.Nothing
  28. 28.Arsenal stuff
  29. 29.Lay to rest
  30. 30.Many a Top 40 song
  31. 31.Fashion designer Marc
  32. 32.Author Levin
  33. 33.Pirate's cry
  34. 34."Car Talk” network
  35. 35.Put a knot in
  36. 36.Marina "parking” fee
  37. 37.Spanish cowboy
  38. 38.— Aviv-Jaffa
  39. 39.Sci-fi talent
  40. 40.USN bigwig
  41. 41.Deer's kin
  42. 42.Pig
  43. 43.Look at
  44. 44.Incited
  45. 45.Muscle jerk
  46. 46.Rotating engine part
  47. 47.Regretted
  48. 48.Lyricist Sammy
  49. 49.Old-time actress Elena
  50. 50.— Lingus
  51. 51.Shares part of a book with, say
  52. 52.CEO's deg.
  53. 53.New World explorer Vespucci
  54. 54.Poker-faced, as a comic
  55. 55.Madrid man
  56. 56.Went aboard
  57. 57.Camera type, for short
  58. 58.Skyscraper girder
  59. 59.Perfect sites
  60. 60.Pea family plant used as manure
  61. 61.Volkswagen ecocar
  62. 62.MSN, e.g.
  63. 63."— la vista!”
  64. 64.Jackpot game
  65. 65.More transparent
  66. 66.Spoiling a celebration
  67. 67.Music compilation record label
  68. 68.Mario's brother, in video games
  69. 69.Chinese menu declaration
  70. 70.Silver-gray
  71. 71."Send help!”
  72. 72."Leaving on — Plane”
  73. 73.Properly arranged
  74. 74.Ate for supper, say
  75. 75.Pilot
  76. 76.Driver's 180
  77. 77.Four: Prefix
  78. 78.Brussels —
  79. 79."Toyboat” singer Yoko
  80. 80.Kia SUV
  81. 81.Actor Lew
  82. 82.First-aid ace
  83. 83.Car company
  84. 84.Baylor of basketball
  85. 85.Director DuVernay
  86. 86.Put off
  87. 87.Exaggerated onstage
  88. 88.Prepare for another use
  89. 89.Not outlawed
  90. 90.Lacto- — -vegetarian
  91. 91.NYC area near SoHo
  92. 92.Low grades
  93. 93.Metal source
  94. 94.Dieter's meal, maybe
  95. 95.Hybrid tennis garment
  96. 96.Kampala's country
  97. 97."Dies —” (Mass hymn)
  98. 98.Not fixed in place
  99. 99.Tranquil
  100. 100.Poet Rainer Maria —
  101. 101.Longtime program on 80-Down featuring Celtic music
  102. 102.Light ratio in astronomy
  103. 103.Tax form ID
  104. 104.Toyota competitor
  105. 105.Peter of Kiss
  106. 106.Small bite
  107. 107.Mascot of a "Fighting” NCAA team
  108. 108.Individual
  109. 109.— about
  110. 110.Many a composition by John Philip Sousa
  111. 111.Cartoon yell
  112. 112.Pal, to Henri
  113. 113."Breakout” actress
  114. 114.Jungle vine
  115. 115.Writer LeShan
  116. 116.Cen. units
  117. 117.Finish up
  118. 118.China's Zhou —
  119. 119.Swiss peaks, in French
  120. 120.Oom- — (polka sound)
  121. 121.Bitter beers
  122. 122.Big racket
  123. 123.Special attention, in brief
  124. 124.Rapping "Dr.”
  125. 125.Tel. book collection
  126. 126.Jazz singer Fitzgerald
  127. 127.Reach — (achieve some target)
  128. 128.Expulsion, informally
  129. 129.Scottish "no”
  130. 130.Tattoos, e.g.
  131. 131.Actress Meyers
  132. 132.Part of NYC
  133. 133.3,006, to Livy
  134. 134."— Meenie” (2010 song)
  135. 135."OMG, no more details”
  136. 136.Relating to blood
  137. 137.Three, in Italy
  138. 138.Recover lost ground
  139. 139.Very well-off
  140. 140.Talk formally
  141. 141.Suffix with propyl
  142. 142.Witch group

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