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  1. 1.Missy
  2. 2.Pizzeria order
  3. 3."I — drink!”
  4. 4.See 58-Down
  5. 5.Roseanne of "Roseanne”
  6. 6.Seasoned stews
  7. 7.Washed-up star
  8. 8.Pitcher's asset
  9. 9.Addams family cousin
  10. 10.Weather phenomenon with a more famous "brother”
  11. 11.Deep anger
  12. 12.Ref's cousin
  13. 13.Metallic shooting marble
  14. 14.Env. contents
  15. 15.Dismiss as foolish
  16. 16.Oakland ball team
  17. 17.Enlarged
  18. 18.With 72-Across, "Actually, I do!”
  19. 19.Egypt's — Stone
  20. 20.Neighbor of Rwanda
  21. 21."Bill and — Bogus Journey”
  22. 22.— -fi movie
  23. 23.Beginning
  24. 24.Cravat clasp
  25. 25.Revises jointly
  26. 26.Hotel offering
  27. 27.Gorbachev's wife
  28. 28.Leisure shirts
  29. 29.Mary — cosmetics
  30. 30."The Wizard of Oz” lady
  31. 31.Language of New Zealand
  32. 32.Time of note
  33. 33.Hertz car, say
  34. 34.Old spy gp.
  35. 35.Quaker grain
  36. 36.Pay money for
  37. 37.Enjoys a lot
  38. 38.DIYers' sets
  39. 39.Logger's chopper
  40. 40.Confers honor on
  41. 41.Novelist Hemingway
  42. 42.and others
  43. 43.Daintily little
  44. 44.Stat on a bank sign
  45. 45.Contrary to
  46. 46.Lock opener
  47. 47.In the dumps
  48. 48.Car identifier
  49. 49.Feats
  50. 50.Puzzle cube creator Erno
  51. 51.Software test version
  52. 52.Everybody
  53. 53."Fist City” singer Lynn
  54. 54.Old booming jet, for short
  55. 55.Hangs around
  56. 56.In the know
  57. 57.Retail giant in furniture
  58. 58.Altimas and Maximas
  59. 59.Garden plants with heads of clear blue blooms
  60. 60.Hosp. staffers
  61. 61.Food for Fido
  62. 62.Tach stats
  63. 63.Barbie's guy
  64. 64."Brooklyn —” (sitcom)
  65. 65.Fast, in music scores
  66. 66.Will topic
  67. 67.Small peak
  68. 68.Peat source
  69. 69.Court events
  70. 70.Port in east Argentina
  71. 71.Its capital is Mogadishu
  72. 72.French painter Jean
  73. 73.Year's 365
  74. 74.Farm with its buildings
  75. 75.Baryshnikov's nickname
  76. 76."Where — sign?”
  77. 77.Cherry holder
  78. 78.Mauna —
  79. 79.Stimulate
  80. 80.FedEx rival
  81. 81.Jerry Garcia's band, informally
  82. 82.1984 Eurythmics hit that's apt for six related words in this puzzle
  83. 83.From the capital Lomé, e.g.
  84. 84.Tony winner Hagen
  85. 85.Classic no-calorie soda brand
  86. 86."— -haw!”
  87. 87.Latin for "everything”
  88. 88.Family dog, e.g.
  89. 89.Spheres
  90. 90.Horse farm attendant
  91. 91.Krispy Kreme offering topped with colorful bits
  92. 92.Dog refuge
  93. 93.Use lots of flattery, say
  94. 94.Stimulate
  95. 95.Resting atop
  96. 96.Honshu, e.g.
  97. 97.Special attention, in brief
  98. 98.Info
  99. 99.Some narrow strips of land
  100. 100.Spongy, glazed dessert
  101. 101.Slogged in water
  102. 102.Lubricants
  103. 103.China's Mao — -tung
  104. 104.Pitcher's asset
  105. 105.Tacit assent
  106. 106.Sight-related
  107. 107.Packed away
  108. 108.Bouncy stick
  109. 109.Perfumed hair dressing
  110. 110.Toils away
  111. 111.French article
  112. 112.Letters after lambdas
  113. 113."Gotta run!”
  114. 114.Astound
  115. 115."By Jove!”
  116. 116.Atty.'s org.
  117. 117.Foul-smelling
  118. 118.For each
  119. 119.Punctilious attention to neatness
  120. 120.Luxury brand of Toyota
  121. 121.Old PC screen
  122. 122.Gift lists for expectant mothers' parties
  123. 123.Euro divs.
  124. 124.Advanced math, in brief
  125. 125.Thin
  126. 126.Gore and Unser
  127. 127.Hosp. areas
  128. 128.Made a hand motion
  129. 129.Foppish scarf
  130. 130.Artful
  131. 131.1,102, to Livy
  132. 132."— Complaint” (Philip Roth novel)
  133. 133.Arthroscopic surgery site
  134. 134.Apple's Cook
  135. 135.Lock holder
  136. 136.Egg white
  137. 137.Actor Billy of "Titanic”
  138. 138.From Galway, say
  139. 139.Exhortations
  140. 140.Tools for light cleaning
  141. 141.Duke Ellington's "Take — Train”
  142. 142.Ward off

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