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  1. 1.Nerve center
  2. 2.Mao — -tung
  3. 3.Petri dish stuff
  4. 4.Sacred Egyptian cross
  5. 5.Siouan language
  6. 6.Sheriff's band
  7. 7.Harm's way
  8. 8.WWII prez
  9. 9.Criticize petulantly
  10. 10.Moray milieu
  11. 11.Before printing, for short
  12. 12.Eye affliction
  13. 13.Photo badges, e.g.
  14. 14.Italian coins
  15. 15.Indian tourist city
  16. 16.Mr. Chips player Peter
  17. 17.Digests a digest, say
  18. 18.Adorable sorts
  19. 19.Barber's sprinkle-on
  20. 20.Sharp range ridges
  21. 21.Anjou and Bosc
  22. 22.Musical pitch
  23. 23.Shutter strip
  24. 24.Of kidneys
  25. 25."... the Sorcerer's Stone,” "... the Chamber of Secrets,” etc.
  26. 26.Boxer's combo
  27. 27.Sawed logs
  28. 28.Stole third, perhaps
  29. 29.See 25-Down
  30. 30.PC pic file
  31. 31.Elementary
  32. 32.Molten flows
  33. 33.FedEx, say
  34. 34.You, to a Quaker
  35. 35."Infant,” "whining school-boy,” etc.
  36. 36.Number of items in each set featured in this puzzle
  37. 37.Many an orphan, in time
  38. 38.Lilt syllable
  39. 39.Furious
  40. 40.Third of IX
  41. 41.Consents (to)
  42. 42.Detox place
  43. 43.Acid artisan
  44. 44.Political muscle
  45. 45.Gin fruit
  46. 46.Makes illegal
  47. 47.Hawikuh, Cibola, etc.
  48. 48.Envy, gluttony, etc.
  49. 49.Driving a car
  50. 50."A mouse!”
  51. 51.Furious
  52. 52.Sulky mood
  53. 53.Be rife (with)
  54. 54.Very top
  55. 55."Very funny!”
  56. 56.Justice Dept. employees
  57. 57."My Gal —”
  58. 58.Brilliant success
  59. 59.Words before clinking glasses
  60. 60.Justice Antonin
  61. 61.Sinusitis-treating doc
  62. 62.Size again
  63. 63.Statesman Kefauver
  64. 64.Uber rival
  65. 65.Provo's state
  66. 66.Dandy guy
  67. 67.Actress Davis
  68. 68.Outmoded
  69. 69."Casino Royale” actress Green
  70. 70.Cost to cross
  71. 71.JFK guess
  72. 72."Beetle Bailey” dog
  73. 73.100-meter hurdles, high jump, etc.
  74. 74.Witty sayings
  75. 75."Wow!”
  76. 76.Fashion line?
  77. 77.The "A” of PGA: Abbr.
  78. 78.C1, C2, etc.
  79. 79."Eh Cumpari” singer Julius
  80. 80.The "A” of PDA: Abbr.
  81. 81.Rockies ruminants
  82. 82.Shag or bob
  83. 83.Sty dwellers
  84. 84.Desert of the Southwest
  85. 85.Like tornado winds
  86. 86.Jetson tyke
  87. 87.Minutia
  88. 88.With 105-Across, singer of the 1960 #1 hit "I'm Sorry”
  89. 89."As seen —”
  90. 90.Singer Franklin
  91. 91.Bullring bull
  92. 92.Actor Lukas
  93. 93.Carpentry file
  94. 94.12 in a year
  95. 95.Rhine tributary
  96. 96.Red, orange, etc.
  97. 97.Rated most likely to win
  98. 98.Abundant
  99. 99.Minos' island
  100. 100.Imitate
  101. 101.Hugs, in a billet-doux
  102. 102.— rock ('70s genre)
  103. 103.Albeit, for short
  104. 104."Therein lies —”
  105. 105.Allow access to
  106. 106.Little peeve
  107. 107.2002 scandal company
  108. 108.Bugle noise
  109. 109.Epsom —
  110. 110.Hops kiln
  111. 111.Plain — (obvious)
  112. 112.Paranormal skill, in brief
  113. 113.Acting Buddy
  114. 114.Veer, as a ship
  115. 115.Since Hector was —
  116. 116.Trilogy, often
  117. 117.Browns' org.
  118. 118.Marks, as a ballot
  119. 119.Channel airing hearings
  120. 120.Consecrate
  121. 121."Dancing Queen” quartet
  122. 122.Heavenly
  123. 123.Plum pit, e.g.
  124. 124.Bullring cries
  125. 125.— Mawr, Pennsylvania
  126. 126.Looks at
  127. 127.45 player
  128. 128.Pool film
  129. 129.Family
  130. 130.Hood for a monk
  131. 131.Psi follower
  132. 132.Great Pyramid of Giza, Colossus of Rhodes, etc.
  133. 133."... his wife could — lean”
  134. 134."Orfeo ed Euridice” composer
  135. 135.Extremely light porous solid
  136. 136.USN jr. officer
  137. 137.Director Howard
  138. 138.Diarist Nin
  139. 139.Brit's "Inc.”
  140. 140.Dijon denial
  141. 141.Hope that one may
  142. 142.Romantic outing
  143. 143.Bovine noises
  144. 144.These, in Acapulco
  145. 145.Partner of Wells
  146. 146.Solon of Athens, Thales of Miletus, etc.

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