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  1. 1.Piece for seven
  2. 2.Sacramento hoopster holding power?
  3. 3.Bit of ink art
  4. 4.Exemplary Houston hoopster?
  5. 5.— -Z (total)
  6. 6.Meeting period, informally
  7. 7.Some French wines
  8. 8.Mooing beast
  9. 9.Pro —
  10. 10."Stillmatic” rapper
  11. 11.Vision-related
  12. 12.Ballesteros of golf
  13. 13.Tested for fit
  14. 14.Redding of RandB
  15. 15.Church seat
  16. 16.Day, in Peru
  17. 17.Phrase structure
  18. 18.Directs
  19. 19.Ruling group
  20. 20.All excited
  21. 21.Capri, e.g.
  22. 22.Start eating
  23. 23.Syllable after "oom”
  24. 24.Pudding starch
  25. 25.Shrunken Asian lake
  26. 26.Tennis call
  27. 27.Not silently
  28. 28.Existence
  29. 29.Los Angeles hoopster originally from New England?
  30. 30.Paid more than
  31. 31.Cowardly Denver hoopster?
  32. 32.Pollen eaters
  33. 33.Verdi's "— tu”
  34. 34.Sock with diamond patterns
  35. 35.Taxi
  36. 36.35mm camera inits.
  37. 37.Headwear for Mr. Peanut
  38. 38.Notion, to Fifi
  39. 39."— girl!”
  40. 40.Horse feed holders
  41. 41.Justification
  42. 42.History unit
  43. 43.Even one
  44. 44.Gyro bread
  45. 45.One-named Deco master
  46. 46.Strategize
  47. 47.Wife of Nero
  48. 48.Gas guzzler
  49. 49.News aggregation website
  50. 50.Light half of a Chinese circle
  51. 51.Jamaican pop genre
  52. 52.— Bator
  53. 53.Oval-shaped
  54. 54.Heavenly
  55. 55.Power sources with spinning sails
  56. 56.Mail-related
  57. 57.Girl in the fam
  58. 58.Dark half of a Chinese circle
  59. 59.Apathetic response
  60. 60.Words in an analogy
  61. 61.Capital of Yemen
  62. 62.Collect bit by bit
  63. 63.Guy in the fam
  64. 64.Phoenix hoopster preparing a typeface for printing?
  65. 65."Once — a time ...”
  66. 66.Class that's a cinch
  67. 67.Olajuwon of the NBA
  68. 68.Heart test, for short
  69. 69.Eco-conscious Charlotte hoopster?
  70. 70."Blue” singer LeAnn
  71. 71.Pigpen
  72. 72.San Antonio hoopster scaling a mountain?
  73. 73.Foot part
  74. 74.Picked
  75. 75.Make a new digital image of
  76. 76.High card
  77. 77.Celtic speaker
  78. 78.Footed vase
  79. 79.Have high aspirations
  80. 80.Groom, e.g.
  81. 81.Event for stunt pilots
  82. 82.Club swingers' gp.
  83. 83.Open, as a new rug
  84. 84.Lower than
  85. 85."— culpa!”
  86. 86.Buyable apartments
  87. 87.Schlepped through the entrance
  88. 88.Mtn. stat
  89. 89.Adidas rival
  90. 90.Org. against pollution
  91. 91.Broiling bar
  92. 92.China's Zhou
  93. 93.Some vowel sounds
  94. 94."— -di-dah!”
  95. 95.Huge
  96. 96.Days of yore, archaically
  97. 97.Train in the pool
  98. 98.Musician Brian
  99. 99."Mom” actress Jaime
  100. 100."Get 'em, Spot!”
  101. 101.Fix illegally
  102. 102."Seinfeld” character
  103. 103.D.C.'s nation
  104. 104.Alteration pro
  105. 105.Golden State hoopster who lives for Saturdays and Sundays?
  106. 106.Damsels
  107. 107.Giant waves
  108. 108.Exactly
  109. 109.Body of rules
  110. 110.Chicago hoopster devoid of spontaneity and emotion?
  111. 111.Smack
  112. 112.Capital of Bavaria
  113. 113.Semi fuel
  114. 114.Rowers' tools
  115. 115.Fingers-in-ears syllables
  116. 116.Reindeer kin
  117. 117.Precipitous
  118. 118.Lab gelatin
  119. 119.Baby wolf
  120. 120.Jogged, e.g.
  121. 121.Spiteful
  122. 122.Health club
  123. 123.Tearful
  124. 124.Baio and Turow
  125. 125.Name originally proposed for Utah
  126. 126.Birds — feather
  127. 127.Ding- —
  128. 128.Some nobles' domains
  129. 129.Lego alternative
  130. 130.Cousin of a jack mackerel
  131. 131.High peak
  132. 132.Daredevil Knievel
  133. 133.Relatives of pistachios
  134. 134.Frau's "Oh!”
  135. 135.Dillydallies
  136. 136.Ailing
  137. 137.Livy's lang.
  138. 138.Hockey great Cam
  139. 139.Flying needs
  140. 140.Suffix with lion
  141. 141.Brooklyn hoopster using a rod and reel?
  142. 142.— pot (sinus-cleaning product)
  143. 143.Dry dog food
  144. 144.Fr. holy woman

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