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  1. 1.Possesses
  2. 2.Ban
  3. 3.andandandand
  4. 4.High mount
  5. 5.Low digit
  6. 6.Smear on, as paint
  7. 7.Part of IPO
  8. 8.Figure on a kid's toy battleground [10th]
  9. 9.Color shade
  10. 10.Work honcho
  11. 11.Longtime ISP option
  12. 12.Sweetums
  13. 13.Filleted
  14. 14.Countryish
  15. 15.Longtime cookies
  16. 16.Play starter
  17. 17.1976-81 skit series
  18. 18.Profit
  19. 19.Earth's heater
  20. 20.Be a kvetch
  21. 21.Literary leaf
  22. 22.Slow a car down
  23. 23.Actor Patel of "Lion”
  24. 24.U.S. Navy off.
  25. 25.Super serves
  26. 26.Disconcert
  27. 27.Living space
  28. 28.Conductor
  29. 29.Salt Lake City NCAA team
  30. 30.Small, pungent pickling vegetable [30th]
  31. 31.Prairies, e.g.
  32. 32."Victory is yours”
  33. 33.Cold drink, informally
  34. 34.Stocks and shares [1st]
  35. 35.Actor Erwin
  36. 36.Driver's license, SSN, etc.
  37. 37.Said words
  38. 38.Revered sort
  39. 39.Taxi driver
  40. 40.Corn serving
  41. 41."— big boy now”
  42. 42.De-wrinkle
  43. 43.Kite features
  44. 44.Hollow-eyed
  45. 45.She sang "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” [15th]
  46. 46.Ring, as bells
  47. 47.Dog coater
  48. 48.Ending for propyl
  49. 49."Not Afraid” rapper
  50. 50.Quick review
  51. 51.Very small minority
  52. 52.More silly
  53. 53.Tearful
  54. 54.Canon camera line
  55. 55.See 70-Down
  56. 56.Mae West play [60th]
  57. 57.Golfer Snead
  58. 58.Neighbor of a Yemeni
  59. 59.Arid expanse in Mongolia
  60. 60.Part of 122-Down
  61. 61.Lid fastener
  62. 62.Occasion for unrestricted amusement
  63. 63.Gorillas, e.g.
  64. 64.Yellow-disked flower
  65. 65.Filmmaker Hitchcock
  66. 66.Daughter of JFK
  67. 67.PC key abbr.
  68. 68.Attractive
  69. 69.First scale syllables
  70. 70.Grazing area
  71. 71."Hey, over here ...”
  72. 72.Semi fuel
  73. 73.Get down to propose
  74. 74.Rapscallion
  75. 75.Crazy about
  76. 76.Find out
  77. 77.Revolutionary War mercenaries
  78. 78.Deli breads
  79. 79.Sully
  80. 80.Laundry receptacle
  81. 81.Swabby's tool
  82. 82.Cough up
  83. 83.In a deadpan manner
  84. 84.Bail provider
  85. 85.American robin's close relative [5th]
  86. 86.Sink bowl
  87. 87.Actor Steven
  88. 88.Bluegrass fiddler Alison
  89. 89.Juan's water
  90. 90.Part of IPA
  91. 91.Dorothy's magical shoes [40th]
  92. 92.No longer a minor
  93. 93.Toy for a boy, traditionally
  94. 94.Low digit
  95. 95.Author Roald
  96. 96.Soothe
  97. 97.1988-91 war drama series [20th]
  98. 98.Teeter
  99. 99.Player's top effort, informally
  100. 100.Accrue
  101. 101.Brother on "Frasier”
  102. 102.Like biting writing
  103. 103.Stand-up comedian Richard
  104. 104.Whole lot
  105. 105.Determined to accomplish
  106. 106.Sectioned, as a window
  107. 107.Occasion associated with the starts of 10 answers in this puzzle
  108. 108.Angry
  109. 109."Top o' the — to ya!”
  110. 110.Glutinous
  111. 111.Giant fair
  112. 112.Has a link (with)
  113. 113.Online selling
  114. 114.Nepali, e.g.
  115. 115."Eso Beso” singer Paul
  116. 116.Sea, to Henri
  117. 117.Affirmation of self-ability
  118. 118.Eldest Musketeer
  119. 119.Mineral spring
  120. 120.Eastern Michigan city
  121. 121."As a matter of fact, I do!”
  122. 122.Rapping noise
  123. 123.With 69-Down, tourist's printed guide
  124. 124."Dies —” (hymn)
  125. 125.Get mature
  126. 126.Move like a grasshopper
  127. 127.Beholds
  128. 128.Infamous Idi
  129. 129.Tolkien terror
  130. 130.Opulent
  131. 131.Zine
  132. 132.Singer Wynette
  133. 133.Half-million-selling album [50th]
  134. 134.Speed Wagon maker
  135. 135.Bus station
  136. 136.Gripping tool
  137. 137.Near-grads: Abbr.
  138. 138.Tree of eastern North America [25th]
  139. 139.College org. for sailors-to-be
  140. 140."How rude!”
  141. 141.Wed. follows it
  142. 142."It's freezing!”
  143. 143.PC key abbr.
  144. 144.Past

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