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  1. 1.Flabbergast
  2. 2.DE-to-VT dir.
  3. 3.Balm additive
  4. 4.Regions, weatherwise
  5. 5.Meg Mallon's gp.
  6. 6.Text-scanning device: Abbr.
  7. 7.Unstimulating java
  8. 8.Glass edge
  9. 9.Singer Horne
  10. 10.Cover girl from a city in central Georgia?
  11. 11.Mao — -tung
  12. 12.Benefit
  13. 13.Well-spoken
  14. 14.Capital of South Korea
  15. 15.Fight arbiter
  16. 16.Snacks that help physicists build atomic bombs?
  17. 17.Expectation
  18. 18.Refrigerator brand
  19. 19.Andean land
  20. 20.Often-dinged car feature
  21. 21.Specks in la mer
  22. 22.In a rational manner
  23. 23.Niche sects
  24. 24.Water, in Lille
  25. 25.Bun worn at the back of the neck
  26. 26.Locale
  27. 27.Bad smell
  28. 28.U-boats, e.g.
  29. 29.Buries
  30. 30.Neighbor of Florida
  31. 31.David of "NYPD Blue”
  32. 32.— Newton
  33. 33.Tolkien fiend
  34. 34.Suffix with Benedict
  35. 35.B.A., e.g.
  36. 36.Wallet bills
  37. 37.Serenity in a rabbit colony?
  38. 38.England-to-France connector
  39. 39.Request
  40. 40.— Angeles
  41. 41.Frigid
  42. 42.VIPs at raves
  43. 43."Yes, yes!,” in France
  44. 44.Dogs that hunt egrets?
  45. 45.Hiatus
  46. 46."I taut I — a puddy tat!”
  47. 47.Patella
  48. 48.Own
  49. 49."Ich bin — Berliner”
  50. 50.Singer Aimee
  51. 51.Animal's coat
  52. 52.En — (in full court)
  53. 53.Ravens' gp.
  54. 54.DVD- — (data holders)
  55. 55.Sis, e.g.
  56. 56."Son of,” in Arabic
  57. 57."Could be”
  58. 58.Entrepreneur Bezos who cooks sheep delicacies?
  59. 59.U.S. spy gp.
  60. 60.Machinery wheel
  61. 61.Flanders of "The Simpsons”
  62. 62.Package shipped to singer Dolly?
  63. 63.Some track runners
  64. 64.Jokester Jay
  65. 65.Light beam
  66. 66.Comparable (with)
  67. 67.Greek goddess of wisdom
  68. 68.1890s veep Stevenson
  69. 69."Uncle” of old TV
  70. 70.Paddy food
  71. 71.Dad's mate
  72. 72.Playbill info
  73. 73.Some reddish deer
  74. 74.Wok, e.g.
  75. 75.French for "the king”
  76. 76.Letter stroke
  77. 77.Latin "I love”
  78. 78.Nag
  79. 79.Fire breather's parachute descent?
  80. 80.Ending for ball or bass
  81. 81.Med. test worker
  82. 82.Whole bunch of baby felines?
  83. 83.Existed
  84. 84.Co. shuffling
  85. 85.Campus digs
  86. 86.That girl
  87. 87.Reluctant to be filmed
  88. 88.French essayist Simone
  89. 89.2008 documentary about the national debt
  90. 90.— -o'-shanter
  91. 91."Anthem” author Rand
  92. 92.Unexpired driver's license, e.g.
  93. 93.Buenos —
  94. 94.Savvy about
  95. 95."Oh, gotcha”
  96. 96.Kind of parrot
  97. 97.Feel unwell
  98. 98.Crooner Orbison
  99. 99.Doles (out)
  100. 100.Garlicky sauces
  101. 101.Justice Kagan
  102. 102.Shared a living space
  103. 103.Roads: Abbr.
  104. 104.Corp. exec in charge of ads and branding
  105. 105.Spouse's father, e.g.
  106. 106.Woodsy den
  107. 107.Capital of Kenya
  108. 108.Lack of vitality
  109. 109.Authors
  110. 110.Ladies who use Speed Stick?
  111. 111.DOJ agency
  112. 112.Food flatfish
  113. 113.Fade away
  114. 114.Cartoonist Chast
  115. 115.Med. group
  116. 116.Natural gifts
  117. 117.Atlantic City hotel/casino
  118. 118.Envoy's residence
  119. 119.Actors Momoa and Statham
  120. 120."Of the day,” on menus
  121. 121.Make angry
  122. 122.Swirly letter
  123. 123.The same: Prefix
  124. 124.Free TV spot, in brief
  125. 125."Send me”
  126. 126.Al who drew Li'l Abner
  127. 127.Deny
  128. 128.Tan-colored
  129. 129."Uncle” of the U.S.
  130. 130.Unwell
  131. 131.Fishing boots
  132. 132.From the top
  133. 133.Lymphoid throat mass
  134. 134.Viscous stuff
  135. 135.Notes before tis
  136. 136.Robin's wear
  137. 137.Phoenician goddess of fertility
  138. 138.Back of an overseas ship?
  139. 139.Whole lot
  140. 140.— Park (Edison's home)
  141. 141.Angsty genre
  142. 142.Befuddle
  143. 143.Sex educator Shere
  144. 144.Greek vowel
  145. 145.Answer from poet Countee?
  146. 146.Head up
  147. 147.Protest at which people lie down
  148. 148.Non-Jewish

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