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  1. 1.— nous
  2. 2.Part of NCAA: Abbr.
  3. 3.Suffix with south
  4. 4.Nickname for Connecticut
  5. 5.Ward of TV
  6. 6.Starting something over, figuratively
  7. 7.Bottom line
  8. 8.With 29-Across, neo-soul singer with four Grammys
  9. 9.Something really easy
  10. 10.Jeans go-with, often
  11. 11."Six-pack”
  12. 12.Turn rancid
  13. 13.Prunes
  14. 14.Despicable
  15. 15.Cessation
  16. 16.Chris of "Sex and the City”
  17. 17.Huge, informally
  18. 18.Mayberry's Otis, for one
  19. 19.Cloister sister
  20. 20."Get lost!”
  21. 21.Yule tune
  22. 22.To boot
  23. 23.Courtroom promise
  24. 24.Boastful talk
  25. 25.Advice tidbit
  26. 26.Principle
  27. 27.Sign into law
  28. 28.Falco of TV
  29. 29.Spanish ayes
  30. 30.Final resting places
  31. 31.Sea, to Yves
  32. 32.Giving a rigorous tryout
  33. 33.Taxing org.
  34. 34."Ad — per aspera” (Kansas' motto)
  35. 35.Big name in small planes
  36. 36.Spy's device
  37. 37.Novelist du Maurier
  38. 38.Cavern effect
  39. 39.Wolfs down
  40. 40."... or — gather”
  41. 41.G.P. or vet
  42. 42.Extra for an iDevice
  43. 43.Outback bird
  44. 44.Actress Carrere
  45. 45.Actress Kirshner
  46. 46.Leave high and dry
  47. 47.Pitchfork part
  48. 48.Conjuring aid
  49. 49.Wheaton of "Stand by Me”
  50. 50.Thinker Descartes
  51. 51.Wrath
  52. 52.Narc, e.g.
  53. 53.Little — (kids)
  54. 54.Troop group
  55. 55.Question the Devil asks in a Kipling poem
  56. 56.Grove growth
  57. 57.It closed all 130+ of its U.S. campuses in 2016
  58. 58.1973-99 Lima-based carrier
  59. 59.Drop by
  60. 60.Schlepped
  61. 61.Big simian
  62. 62.Pol. middle-of-the-roader
  63. 63.Yesteryear
  64. 64.U.S. intel org.
  65. 65.Magazine mogul Condé
  66. 66.Courtroom promise
  67. 67.Sharpener of skills
  68. 68.— v. Wade
  69. 69.Co. VIPs
  70. 70.River to the Rhone
  71. 71.Wilson's predecessor
  72. 72.Bottom line
  73. 73.Dog with Dorothy
  74. 74.What's accurate about a situation
  75. 75.Prize greatly
  76. 76.Dog following its owner closely
  77. 77.Norma — (film heroine)
  78. 78.In a snit
  79. 79.Bit of crying
  80. 80.Six-Day War leader Dayan
  81. 81."Ac-Cent- — -Ate the Positive”
  82. 82.Chucked
  83. 83."Rapa —” (1994 film)
  84. 84."Please reply,” in brief
  85. 85.Precip-ice?
  86. 86.Wheel center
  87. 87.Barely passing grade
  88. 88.Despicable
  89. 89.Big whoop
  90. 90.Cigar-holding container
  91. 91.Mutt's sound
  92. 92.Wait patiently
  93. 93.Texter's hugs
  94. 94.Swamp
  95. 95.Cause heads to turn
  96. 96.Avocado dip, informally
  97. 97.Capote, to his friends
  98. 98.Play a ukulele, e.g.
  99. 99.Ore- —
  100. 100.Mass singers
  101. 101.Passage leading to an aural drum
  102. 102.Red Scare attorney Roy
  103. 103.Daze
  104. 104.— wheel (fair ride)
  105. 105.Song syllable
  106. 106.War god
  107. 107.Grassy area
  108. 108.Symbol for written music
  109. 109."— a Very Good Year”
  110. 110.Encroach on another's land
  111. 111.Home pest
  112. 112.— pot (sinus-cleaning device)
  113. 113.Cincinnati Reds player in the Baseball Hall of Fame
  114. 114.Singer Bareilles
  115. 115.Kay-em link
  116. 116.Bus. firms
  117. 117.Gives access
  118. 118.Vietnamese New Year
  119. 119."The Addams Family” cousin
  120. 120.Patrick of "A Clockwork Orange”
  121. 121.Give forth
  122. 122."The Wizard of Menlo Park”
  123. 123.Recent times
  124. 124.School on the Thames
  125. 125."Stillmatic” rapper
  126. 126.— chi
  127. 127.Brought into the world
  128. 128.See 106-Across
  129. 129.Lillian of film
  130. 130.On top of, to poets
  131. 131.Wall work
  132. 132.Many mag pages
  133. 133.Revival skill, for short
  134. 134.Uncle, in Argentina
  135. 135.Senseless
  136. 136.Weight allowance, once
  137. 137."You — My Sunshine”
  138. 138."What business is — yours?”
  139. 139.City NNE of Lake Tahoe

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