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  1. 1.Relieve
  2. 2.German city
  3. 3.Lacks entity
  4. 4."I solved it!”
  5. 5.Cowboy doing a roundup, say
  6. 6.Not at all, quaintly
  7. 7.Peter of "Becket”
  8. 8.Houston ballplayer
  9. 9."Mamma Mia” group
  10. 10.Et — (plus others)
  11. 11.Pressure-reducing elastic stockings
  12. 12.Prez after FDR
  13. 13.River of myth
  14. 14.Cable TV channel for buying goods
  15. 15.Singer DiFranco
  16. 16.Turndowns
  17. 17.Director Preminger
  18. 18."That — close call!”
  19. 19.Lee of Marvel
  20. 20.Podded plant
  21. 21.Melody
  22. 22.Video surveillance device, briefly
  23. 23.Festival shelter
  24. 24.Bit of skin art
  25. 25.Like a slingshot or a wishbone
  26. 26.Evaluated
  27. 27.Cleans up, as code
  28. 28.Venice beach resort
  29. 29.Its cap. is Buenos Aires
  30. 30.Fix, as a fight
  31. 31."Alas and —”
  32. 32.Squirrel-sized monkeys
  33. 33.Small bills
  34. 34.Large inlet
  35. 35.Tea vessel
  36. 36.Booting out
  37. 37.Crooked
  38. 38.Hone
  39. 39.Curtsy, e.g.
  40. 40.Year, to Nero
  41. 41.Former airline to Rome
  42. 42.Name of 12 popes
  43. 43.In — (mired)
  44. 44.Word after poet or Nobel
  45. 45.Prefix with treat or trust
  46. 46.Aware of
  47. 47.Mrs. with a famous cow
  48. 48.Ticked off
  49. 49.Soil-enriching compound
  50. 50.Log chopper
  51. 51.Singer Falana
  52. 52.Coop female
  53. 53.Edison's phonograph medium
  54. 54.Largest dwarf planet
  55. 55.Old New York ballpark
  56. 56.Zesty potato chip go-with
  57. 57.Dog in "The Thin Man”
  58. 58.For each
  59. 59.Brit living in America, e.g.
  60. 60."The Maltese Falcon” hero
  61. 61.Hot rod fuel
  62. 62.Butter-and-flour mixture
  63. 63."Gremlins” actress Cates
  64. 64.Songwriter Laura
  65. 65.Cl- or Na+
  66. 66.Greek vowels
  67. 67.Indian religion founder
  68. 68.Workout unit
  69. 69.Workout unit
  70. 70.Grab — (eat fast)
  71. 71.Person for whom a thing is named
  72. 72.Ordinal suffix
  73. 73.Impend, as a deadline
  74. 74.Type of needle-free syringe
  75. 75.Eye affliction
  76. 76.Ancient calculator
  77. 77.Spongelike
  78. 78.Ending for Gator
  79. 79.In-favor votes
  80. 80.Rinky- —
  81. 81.Mork's home planet
  82. 82."Old MacDonald” letters
  83. 83.Flee to wed
  84. 84.Pampering, for short
  85. 85.Actress Harper
  86. 86.Heater along the bottom of a wall
  87. 87.Former Royals manager Ned
  88. 88.Component
  89. 89.What a dieter may reduce
  90. 90.Leg it
  91. 91.Actor Alan
  92. 92.Timid
  93. 93.Schmooze
  94. 94.Lobed thing
  95. 95.Hit PC game of the 1990s
  96. 96.Totally lost
  97. 97.Sidewalk smooches, e.g., for short
  98. 98.Levy
  99. 99.Osaka sash
  100. 100.Of — (somewhat)
  101. 101."Bosch” actress Rogers
  102. 102.Super-cold
  103. 103.Actor Lorne
  104. 104.Swing about
  105. 105.Horn honk
  106. 106.Therefore
  107. 107.William of "Hopalong Cassidy”
  108. 108.How often the sun rises
  109. 109.Like "Weekend Update” reports
  110. 110.Composer of the 1938 ballet "The Incredible Flutist”
  111. 111.Ripped
  112. 112.Expert
  113. 113.LA-to-MI dir.
  114. 114.Bird bill
  115. 115.Revise text
  116. 116."500” auto race
  117. 117.Crimean resort port
  118. 118.Very muscular, in modern lingo
  119. 119.Possess
  120. 120.Santa — (hot winds)
  121. 121.Where nine key words in this puzzle can be found
  122. 122.Tree of Illinois
  123. 123.Writer Rand
  124. 124.— and hers
  125. 125.Diplomacy
  126. 126."Little” actress Rae
  127. 127.Talks big
  128. 128.Architect I.M.
  129. 129.Conical-bore woodwind
  130. 130.Long — (winter undies)
  131. 131.Crosswalk user, for short
  132. 132.Folk great Bob
  133. 133.Helper: Abbr.
  134. 134.Gold, to Luisa
  135. 135.Bracing wear for a bodybuilder
  136. 136.White heron
  137. 137.Less ordinary
  138. 138.Anti-DUI ad, maybe
  139. 139.Actress Elfman
  140. 140.Kilt wearer
  141. 141.Yvette's "yes”
  142. 142.Investments for later yrs.
  143. 143.ThinkPad power source, e.g.
  144. 144.Chick's home
  145. 145.Corals, e.g.
  146. 146.Has a snooze
  147. 147.Wears away
  148. 148.CIO partner

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