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  1. 1.Literary Jane
  2. 2.Some theater awards
  3. 3.Actor Linden
  4. 4.Net fabric
  5. 5.Paragon
  6. 6.37-Down container
  7. 7.Epochs
  8. 8.Fleming and McKellen
  9. 9.Drab military wear
  10. 10.Bad grade
  11. 11.Eye part
  12. 12.Well-seasoned, in a way
  13. 13.1999 Russell Crowe comedy-drama
  14. 14.Melodious
  15. 15.Pontificated
  16. 16.Brings about
  17. 17."General” on a Chinese menu
  18. 18.Gender-inclusive pronoun phrase
  19. 19.Artist Jan
  20. 20.Writer Welty
  21. 21.Shiny fabrics
  22. 22.Novelist Gay
  23. 23.Director Roth
  24. 24."... to fetch — of water”
  25. 25.DJ Casey
  26. 26.1978 Maggie Smith comedy
  27. 27.Lavish love (on)
  28. 28.Designed to fit most people
  29. 29.1991 Denzel Washington drama
  30. 30.Tot's injury
  31. 31."— my pleasure”
  32. 32.Crimean port
  33. 33.Prefix with profit
  34. 34.Got close to
  35. 35.Land of Lima
  36. 36.Apple media player
  37. 37.Singer Anita
  38. 38.Road paving materials
  39. 39.2004 Olsen twins teen comedy
  40. 40.Sister of Luke
  41. 41.Dark periods
  42. 42.La —, Bolivia
  43. 43.Take an ax to
  44. 44.Flaxen-haired woman
  45. 45.Screw up
  46. 46.Sort
  47. 47.Ecol. or biol.
  48. 48.Class taken after trig
  49. 49.German "I”
  50. 50.— -jongg
  51. 51.Naturalist Irwin
  52. 52.Executive nix
  53. 53.Genetic ID
  54. 54.Antlered deer
  55. 55.Org. looking for aliens
  56. 56.TeleTax org.
  57. 57.Talking- — (lectures)
  58. 58.Evening party
  59. 59.Germane
  60. 60.Ecol. monitor
  61. 61.Pullet, e.g.
  62. 62.Voluntarily
  63. 63.Many a '60s T-shirt
  64. 64.Jesting Jay
  65. 65.Actor Jamie
  66. 66.— avis
  67. 67.Wear away
  68. 68.VII octupled
  69. 69.Studies as a secondary focus
  70. 70.Parks who stayed put
  71. 71.Wear away
  72. 72.Harvard rival
  73. 73."Adios!”
  74. 74.1984 Harry Dean Stanton road movie
  75. 75.Wee colonist
  76. 76.1991 River Phoenix drama
  77. 77.Jostled, in a way
  78. 78.— pro nobis
  79. 79.Smack hard
  80. 80.Fill with joy
  81. 81.Tango move
  82. 82.Wild guess
  83. 83.Reality TV family name
  84. 84."— Miniver”
  85. 85.Relayed
  86. 86.Even (with)
  87. 87.Recording on a cassette
  88. 88."You never had — good!”
  89. 89.Inhaled stuff
  90. 90.Ingredient in emollients
  91. 91."Help!,” asea
  92. 92."Watchmen” network
  93. 93.Pretend to be
  94. 94.Soft cheese
  95. 95.Actress Gaynor or McCall
  96. 96.Fraternity "T”
  97. 97.Argon and radon
  98. 98.Certain Slav
  99. 99.Kilmer of film
  100. 100."Cock-a-doodle- —!”
  101. 101.Part of UPI
  102. 102.Holds firmly
  103. 103.Ronstadt of song
  104. 104.Tending to the matter
  105. 105.Quiz show fodder
  106. 106."Absolutely!”
  107. 107.Amigos
  108. 108.Head honcho
  109. 109."I believe,” to a texter
  110. 110.Amigo
  111. 111.Fictitious college whose name would be fitting for this puzzle
  112. 112.Revered Fr. woman
  113. 113.Soup veggie
  114. 114.Film bomb
  115. 115.Like turncoats
  116. 116.Caustic liquid
  117. 117."— Way” (Proust novel volume)
  118. 118.DiFranco of song
  119. 119.1961 Elvis Presley romantic comedy
  120. 120.Get lippy with
  121. 121.Deserve
  122. 122.Downloads for iDevices
  123. 123.Smack the baseball hard
  124. 124.Second-string sports squad
  125. 125."Il Trovatore” heroine
  126. 126.South Korean compact car
  127. 127.Slips past carefully
  128. 128.Messy sort
  129. 129.Yang's partner
  130. 130.Sale bin abbr.
  131. 131.Tablelands, French-style
  132. 132.Sports arbiter
  133. 133.Dusting cloth
  134. 134.1987 Nicolas Cage crime comedy
  135. 135.Pack away
  136. 136.Like sailors' mil. branch
  137. 137.Pool contest
  138. 138.Cribbage pins
  139. 139.Skill, to Cato
  140. 140.Maple fluids
  141. 141.Reality star Jenner, familiarly
  142. 142.Morning times, in brief
  143. 143.Fill with love
  144. 144.Ignited

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