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  1. 1.Reference work
  2. 2.Minister
  3. 3.Dominated
  4. 4.Elm or maple
  5. 5.Salon sound
  6. 6.Obvious
  7. 7.Mr. Gazzara
  8. 8.Lantern
  9. 9.Rind
  10. 10.Give courage to
  11. 11.Ornery youth
  12. 12.Bowed
  13. 13.Nitwit
  14. 14."____ Any Girl"
  15. 15.Reef
  16. 16.French farewell
  17. 17.Hammer part
  18. 18.Escape
  19. 19.Twisted
  20. 20.In addition
  21. 21.Regal
  22. 22.Scottish family member
  23. 23.That lady
  24. 24.Be regretful
  25. 25.Mythical monster
  26. 26.Kick
  27. 27.Conceited
  28. 28.Choose
  29. 29.Talkative
  30. 30.Bizarrely
  31. 31.Coin of India
  32. 32.Spoil
  33. 33.Soon
  34. 34.Christmas word
  35. 35.Folklore monster
  36. 36.Nary a thing
  37. 37.Eye feature
  38. 38.Smarted
  39. 39.West Indian dance
  40. 40.Addition word
  41. 41.Camp worker
  42. 42.Lively party
  43. 43.Fortuitous
  44. 44.Mama deer
  45. 45.Domed hairstyle
  46. 46.Fragrant rice
  47. 47.Boldly forward
  48. 48.Natural ability
  49. 49.Gyro bread
  50. 50.Knob
  51. 51.Wampum
  52. 52.Animal's burrow
  53. 53.Citrus fruit
  54. 54.Car type
  55. 55.Dwindle
  56. 56.Let go
  57. 57.Take wing
  58. 58.Combine
  59. 59.Dental filling
  60. 60.Recipe direction
  61. 61.Light ring
  62. 62.Person past his peak
  63. 63.Eat
  64. 64.Enroll
  65. 65.High note
  66. 66.Strong wood
  67. 67.Malicious
  68. 68.Proficient
  69. 69.Okey-dokey
  70. 70.Tiny
  71. 71.Priest's place
  72. 72.Banquet
  73. 73.Singing part
  74. 74.Neat
  75. 75.Glutton
  76. 76.Hazy image
  77. 77.Actor Hanks
  78. 78.Of the kidneys
  79. 79.Period
  80. 80.Biblical preposition

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Penny Dell Crossword Authors: David L. Hoyt, Peter Kanter, and Anonymous Crossword Constructors

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