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  1. 1.Re offspring
  2. 2.GPS suggestions
  3. 3.Arrives at
  4. 4.Flunked
  5. 5.Some printers
  6. 6.Film set's __ light
  7. 7.In the know
  8. 8.Agnes, in Spanish
  9. 9.Rounded roof
  10. 10.Falsified
  11. 11.Employed
  12. 12.Lean and strong
  13. 13.Did nothing
  14. 14.Many Wall St. hires
  15. 15.Work to be done
  16. 16.Steppenwolf author
  17. 17.Truck fuel
  18. 18.Swiss cough drop brand
  19. 19.Blissful settings
  20. 20.Starbucks competitor
  21. 21.Consumer advocate Ralph
  22. 22."Unfortunately, uh-huh"
  23. 23.Country singer Trace
  24. 24.Bit of info
  25. 25.Viva __ (orally)
  26. 26.Tea vessel
  27. 27.Gusto
  28. 28.Elaborate recognition
  29. 29.Haul to a garage
  30. 30.Cash drawer
  31. 31.__ Valley (Reagan Library city)
  32. 32.Do stitchery
  33. 33.7 Up nickname
  34. 34.Falsehood
  35. 35.USAF no-show
  36. 36.Port __ cheese
  37. 37.Swing wildly
  38. 38.Pleasant enough
  39. 39.Crew team tools
  40. 40.Dutch South African
  41. 41.Carly who headed HP
  42. 42.Japanese musical drama
  43. 43.Certain beauty pageant winner
  44. 44.Orthodontist's designation
  45. 45.Bush opponent in '88
  46. 46.Stunt jumper Knievel
  47. 47.Big name in small planes
  48. 48.Forcing to leave
  49. 49.Tops with frosting
  50. 50.HS gym course
  51. 51.Noted parent of eight newborns
  52. 52.Tiny bit
  53. 53.Assist in wrongdoing
  54. 54.Fuel for ranges [Southeast]
  55. 55.Eve's second son
  56. 56.Psychics may see them
  57. 57.More droopy
  58. 58.Horse's father
  59. 59.Ceiling support beams
  60. 60.Philosopher __-Tzu
  61. 61.Wild story
  62. 62.Flabbergast
  63. 63.Read rapidly
  64. 64.Search an area [South Central]
  65. 65.Really annoyed
  66. 66.Not touched, as a boxer
  67. 67.Of the backbone
  68. 68.Big shoes to fill
  69. 69.The things here
  70. 70.Cul-de-__
  71. 71.End-of-week initialism
  72. 72.Secret meeting
  73. 73.It's southeast of Chicago
  74. 74.Mexican money
  75. 75.Jaws poster depiction [Midwest]
  76. 76."You win"
  77. 77.Keep for later
  78. 78.Nile serpent
  79. 79.Test, as ore
  80. 80.Tough choice
  81. 81.That windjammer
  82. 82.Good name, for short
  83. 83.Waikiki's isle
  84. 84.Meal plans
  85. 85.Very much
  86. 86.Onset of melting
  87. 87.Slow assimilation
  88. 88.Nevada city
  89. 89."Coal Miner's Daughter" singer
  90. 90.Short film clip
  91. 91.Speed-checking beam
  92. 92.Gymnastics jump
  93. 93.Community character
  94. 94.Ancient Greek sorceress
  95. 95.Parlor pieces
  96. 96.Shouts out
  97. 97.ExxonMobil, Chevron, etc. [Midwest]
  98. 98.GI uniforms
  99. 99.Walk wearily
  100. 100.Fig Newtons, e.g. [Mountain West]
  101. 101.Highly assertive
  102. 102.Frat letter
  103. 103.Fairway shout
  104. 104.Page arrangements
  105. 105."So long"
  106. 106.__ Pieces
  107. 107.Teacup defect
  108. 108.Historic time
  109. 109.Sets of furniture
  110. 110.Paris' Folies __
  111. 111.Risk-taking person
  112. 112.Divider of Paris
  113. 113.Hapless victim
  114. 114.Latvia, once: Abbr
  115. 115.Delicious dishes
  116. 116.Elective lid procedure
  117. 117.Oscar role for Tom
  118. 118."Pale" brew
  119. 119.At hand
  120. 120.Taunting shout
  121. 121.Alternate puzzle title
  122. 122.Ham it up
  123. 123.Soft minerals
  124. 124.Strike heavily
  125. 125.Venus de __
  126. 126.Deserve to get
  127. 127.Piano piece
  128. 128.Zodiac feline
  129. 129.Hawaiian coffee region
  130. 130.Loyal employee guy [Northeast]
  131. 131.Ivana's successor
  132. 132.Low in humidity
  133. 133.Thick carpeting
  134. 134.French singer Edith
  135. 135.Debate participant
  136. 136.Pie-cooling spot
  137. 137.Computer trials, for short
  138. 138.Tennis great Mandlikova
  139. 139.Objectives
  140. 140.San Juan, Puerto __
  141. 141.Cooling system toppers [West]
  142. 142."You called?"
  143. 143.Latitude measure
  144. 144.Hollywood trickery, briefly
  145. 145.El Al's headquarters

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