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  1. 1.Outer border
  2. 2.College transcript no
  3. 3."How clumsy of me!"
  4. 4.Courageous
  5. 5.Beach shoe
  6. 6.Emblem "of approval"
  7. 7.Smack, as a mosquito
  8. 8.Lopsided victory
  9. 9.Wedding ceremony dress
  10. 10.Speak
  11. 11.Throat-clearing sound
  12. 12."I don't care" attitude
  13. 13.Arrange in some order
  14. 14.Spill a secret
  15. 15.Window ledges
  16. 16.Lower leg
  17. 17.Thorny flower
  18. 18.Trees yielding lightweight wood
  19. 19.Routine household task
  20. 20.Say hello to
  21. 21.Feeling blue
  22. 22.Strong craving
  23. 23."Finally!"
  24. 24.In a bad mood
  25. 25.Compress, informally
  26. 26."Would __to you?"
  27. 27.Go-for-broke bet
  28. 28.Chinese food request
  29. 29.Car's tankful
  30. 30.Big party
  31. 31.Look closely (at)
  32. 32."Count your blessings"
  33. 33.Yellow gemstone
  34. 34.Gets a glimpse of
  35. 35.Software trial versions
  36. 36.Period of calm
  37. 37.Not spicy-tasting
  38. 38.Abounds (with)
  39. 39.Makes a mistake
  40. 40.Sharpen, as an appetite
  41. 41.Honolulu hello
  42. 42.Student's stadium sign
  43. 43.Heap affection (on)
  44. 44."Very funny"
  45. 45.Strong adhesive
  46. 46.Recommend highly
  47. 47.Female friend, in France
  48. 48.Low-pitched rock instrument
  49. 49.Horse shed
  50. 50.In a weird way
  51. 51.Spiced tea of India
  52. 52.Fitzgerald of jazz
  53. 53.Filled, folded tortilla
  54. 54.General's fighting force
  55. 55.Point the finger at
  56. 56.Make happen
  57. 57.Butter portion
  58. 58.Breads, cakes, etc
  59. 59.Stare open-mouthed
  60. 60.Misbehave
  61. 61.Comfy, like your abode
  62. 62.French young woman: Abbr
  63. 63."Tall" story
  64. 64.Tiny stone
  65. 65.Dole out
  66. 66.Camel's South American cousin
  67. 67.Ticklish red Muppet
  68. 68.Online crafts shop
  69. 69.At no cost
  70. 70.Striped equine
  71. 71.Performers who overdo it
  72. 72."That's great!"
  73. 73.Playground plank for two
  74. 74.Adds frosting to
  75. 75."Huge" prefix for bytes or bucks
  76. 76.__ a soul (no one)
  77. 77.__ Major (Big Dipper constellation)
  78. 78.Brass or pewter

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