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  1. 1.Wood-smoothing tools
  2. 2.Soup legume
  3. 3.Loosen, as shoelaces
  4. 4.Of course!
  5. 5.Supply party food for
  6. 6.That's all there __ it!
  7. 7.Chess or Scrabble
  8. 8.Operatic solo
  9. 9.Golfer's pegs
  10. 10.Consumed
  11. 11.Quit it
  12. 12.Starts doing something seriously
  13. 13.Actress Stone or Watson
  14. 14.Bring under control
  15. 15.Fish's appendage
  16. 16.Make amends
  17. 17.Right, on a map
  18. 18.__ con carne
  19. 19.Mixed-breed dog
  20. 20.Play a part
  21. 21.Nimble
  22. 22.Dedicate, as time
  23. 23.Our natural satellite
  24. 24.Bit of baby talk
  25. 25.Donut center
  26. 26.Angry crowd
  27. 27.Ho, ho, ho!'' guy
  28. 28.Aggressive workers
  29. 29.Ship of 1492
  30. 30.Shell of a wrecked ship
  31. 31.Decline an offer
  32. 32.Beauty and the __
  33. 33.Orange pekoe, for instance
  34. 34.Sworn promise
  35. 35.Appears to be
  36. 36.Red vegetables
  37. 37.Reindeer cousin
  38. 38.Datebook entry: Abbr
  39. 39.Grant entrance to
  40. 40.Nashville's state: Abbr
  41. 41.For hours __ (nonstop)
  42. 42.Rome's country, to natives
  43. 43.Paying careful attention
  44. 44.Full of lather
  45. 45.Numbered musical work
  46. 46.Basketball cable channel
  47. 47.Center of a peach
  48. 48.Ship carrying petroleum
  49. 49.Barge __ (disturb)
  50. 50.Toy truck maker
  51. 51.Small bills
  52. 52.How clumsy of me!
  53. 53.More proper ''ain't
  54. 54.Tiny bit
  55. 55.Not doing anything
  56. 56.English assignment
  57. 57.What person'' question
  58. 58.Bits of heredity
  59. 59.One more time
  60. 60.Gather up, as a harvest
  61. 61.Downloadable programs
  62. 62.Reach across, as a bridge
  63. 63.Perfume bottle
  64. 64.Extremely long time
  65. 65.Terrible
  66. 66.With a light brown surface, as a beach
  67. 67.Secret message
  68. 68.I kid __ not
  69. 69.Current events
  70. 70.Lowest possible
  71. 71.Sandwich cookies
  72. 72.Chaplin's vagabond persona
  73. 73.Places to grab a frankfurter
  74. 74.River-frolicking mammal
  75. 75.Compass point opposite WNW
  76. 76.See eye to eye
  77. 77.Chooses (to)
  78. 78.Acknowledge silently

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