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  1. 1.Liquefied
  2. 2.Consequently
  3. 3.Minimal change
  4. 4.Ludicrously comical
  5. 5.Italian bag brand
  6. 6.Friend's name
  7. 7.Show with "Valjean's Confession"
  8. 8."__ not amused"
  9. 9.Bugs' whirling adversary
  10. 10.It's south of Sicily
  11. 11.Porpoise cousin
  12. 12.Culinary category
  13. 13.Furnace, essentially
  14. 14.Pyrenees nation
  15. 15.Apple that's flat
  16. 16.Broadway opening
  17. 17.Two-Oscar Davis
  18. 18.Subatomic particle
  19. 19.François Hollande successor (2017)
  20. 20.Special-purpose
  21. 21.Hurdle for a would-be GP
  22. 22.Sales disclaimer
  23. 23.Friend's home
  24. 24.Creeping greenery
  25. 25.Oreo ingredient
  26. 26.Surveyor's stat
  27. 27.Lacks the skills
  28. 28.Dress specification
  29. 29.Open-__ shoes
  30. 30.Apple establishment
  31. 31.Drop off
  32. 32.Unfortunate event
  33. 33.Place for a plug
  34. 34.Muenster alternative
  35. 35.Moore of films
  36. 36.Apple desktops
  37. 37.Place to dine
  38. 38.Model for Leonardo
  39. 39.Subtle atmosphere
  40. 40.Alarm status
  41. 41.Online health info resource
  42. 42.Vietnamese festival
  43. 43.Justin Trudeau's birthplace
  44. 44.Memory measure
  45. 45.Vexed feeling
  46. 46.Transgress
  47. 47.Pack rat
  48. 48.Nutrient in spinach
  49. 49.Big boss, briefly
  50. 50.Carries out
  51. 51.Ben Stiller's mom
  52. 52."Groundhog Day" director
  53. 53.Expand upon
  54. 54.Coarse in one's words
  55. 55.Dawn
  56. 56.Invitation exhortation
  57. 57.Eye unsubtly
  58. 58.South seas nation
  59. 59.Jacuzzi spray
  60. 60.Granular pasta
  61. 61.Olympian messenger
  62. 62.Certain subtracted sum
  63. 63.Sort of flatbread
  64. 64.High-tech car key
  65. 65.Caribbean leader for 52 years
  66. 66.Friend's height
  67. 67.Taken singly
  68. 68.Standard and Poor's competitor
  69. 69.French being
  70. 70."Den __" (Dutch city, to the Dutch)
  71. 71.Industry giant
  72. 72.Winter Olympics gear
  73. 73.With us now
  74. 74.Factor in a horoscope
  75. 75.Cherie femme
  76. 76.Close in on

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