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  1. 1.Bend forward and downward
  2. 2.Dawn
  3. 3.Father of the Titans
  4. 4.Goes (for)
  5. 5.Hunk of bacon
  6. 6.Cry audibly
  7. 7.Puts forth, as force
  8. 8.Take a timeout
  9. 9.Divination deck
  10. 10.Be generous
  11. 11.Can't help but
  12. 12.Photocopy, for short
  13. 13.Starts moving in earnest
  14. 14.Washer cycle
  15. 15.Creator of Mickey and Minnie
  16. 16.NASCAR topper
  17. 17.Convention address
  18. 18.Bard's title spouses
  19. 19.Blender setting
  20. 20.Jamaican pop music
  21. 21."ER" roles
  22. 22.Funds long-term
  23. 23.Natural balm
  24. 24.Render harmless
  25. 25.Minimal musical groups
  26. 26.Posh residence
  27. 27.Of sound quality
  28. 28.Weather map line
  29. 29.WWII side
  30. 30.Warns of danger
  31. 31."Barbary" beast
  32. 32.Wastes time and energy futilely
  33. 33."Star Wars" series beasts
  34. 34.More reasonable
  35. 35.Caribbean isle
  36. 36.Church dignitary
  37. 37.Subject to a fine, say
  38. 38.Invigorates
  39. 39.S&L holding
  40. 40.In years past
  41. 41.Stuck together
  42. 42.Big Ben clock setting: Abbr
  43. 43.Hoarse voice
  44. 44.Old-school "Cool!"
  45. 45.Japanese noodles
  46. 46.Defeated in chess
  47. 47.Annoy repeatedly
  48. 48.Suburban London county
  49. 49.Top-speed run
  50. 50.Cabinet cover
  51. 51.Gyrocompass inventor
  52. 52.Utmost height
  53. 53.Fried rice morsel
  54. 54.Home-building bird
  55. 55.A third of tri-
  56. 56.Freezing temperatures
  57. 57.Animated ogre
  58. 58.Some rideshares
  59. 59.__ qua non (essential thing)
  60. 60.__ in "Stockholm"
  61. 61."60 Minutes" reporter
  62. 62.Gives up an effort
  63. 63.Dumas swordsman
  64. 64.Pulitzer composer Ned
  65. 65.Workout target
  66. 66.Set of furniture
  67. 67.Toy truck giant
  68. 68.Stationer's stock
  69. 69.Moon of Jupiter
  70. 70.Apprehension
  71. 71.Synagogue scroll
  72. 72.Help make possible
  73. 73.Cameo stone
  74. 74.Shape of many a chalet
  75. 75.Kept secret
  76. 76.Sandal features
  77. 77.Provides new gear for
  78. 78.Fender guitar, for short
  79. 79.Tool and __ company
  80. 80.NY Mets' division
  81. 81."__ to please"
  82. 82.Passports, for short
  83. 83."Are you in __?"
  84. 84.Tax-deferred plan
  85. 85.Combines several's supplies
  86. 86.". . . __ he drove out of sight"
  87. 87.Guitar range
  88. 88.Paving pieces
  89. 89.Orbital path
  90. 90.Mandela's native language
  91. 91.Remove by percolation, as soil
  92. 92.Ancient prophet
  93. 93.Serengeti scavengers
  94. 94.Make more alkaline
  95. 95.Accessorize
  96. 96.Went separate ways
  97. 97.More microscopic
  98. 98.Warm greeting
  99. 99.Watches films online
  100. 100.Monopolize
  101. 101.Latte foam
  102. 102.Playfully evasive
  103. 103.Homer Simpson shout
  104. 104.Some farm machines
  105. 105.Long haul
  106. 106.Brewery hardware
  107. 107.Software download
  108. 108.Chicken portion
  109. 109.Bring to ruin
  110. 110.Visa statement abbr
  111. 111.Air Force aerobat, familiarly
  112. 112.Some Louvre works
  113. 113.Swaggering walk
  114. 114.Expanse of land
  115. 115.Metallic fabric
  116. 116.Defensive walls
  117. 117.Convent member
  118. 118.Blog feed format: Abbr
  119. 119.Your choice of
  120. 120.Kiribati's capital
  121. 121.Very short distance
  122. 122.Immunization fluid
  123. 123.Assent
  124. 124.Seasonal songs
  125. 125.To be, to Henri
  126. 126.Packing a punch
  127. 127.Twine fiber
  128. 128.GI entertainment group
  129. 129.Hershey brand
  130. 130.Sunday shopping ban
  131. 131.Butter portion
  132. 132.Armour's Spam rival
  133. 133.Backing for plaster
  134. 134.Disposable injection units
  135. 135.Contralto solo
  136. 136.One in a flock
  137. 137.Draw near
  138. 138.Furnace fuel
  139. 139.Spot for a soak
  140. 140.Embossed art
  141. 141.Inheritors
  142. 142.Far from enjoyable

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