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  1. 1.__ and aahs
  2. 2.Sports team's defeat
  3. 3.Sharp, as eyesight
  4. 4.Lots and lots
  5. 5.Corned-beef breakfast dish
  6. 6.Metallic rocks
  7. 7.Salty water
  8. 8.Weighing almost nothing
  9. 9.Make a selection
  10. 10.Place for a teakettle
  11. 11.Unwanted breeze
  12. 12."That's too bad"
  13. 13.Rude push
  14. 14.Sleeper's sounds
  15. 15.One who throws nothing out
  16. 16.Place to take a bath in
  17. 17.Take a breather
  18. 18.Has a meal
  19. 19.Standoffish in manner
  20. 20.Summit of a mountain
  21. 21.Wide-ranging
  22. 22.Cast a ballot
  23. 23.Pressure-packed time
  24. 24.__ now (so far)
  25. 25.Shaving mishap
  26. 26.Fish eggs
  27. 27.Soldier asking "Who goes there?"
  28. 28.Ernie's "Sesame Street" pal
  29. 29.__-cone (icy treat)
  30. 30.Navigation screen display
  31. 31.Brief memos
  32. 32.Czech or Pole
  33. 33.California/Nevada lake
  34. 34.With good cushioning
  35. 35.Outdoor furniture wood
  36. 36.Infamous Roman emperor
  37. 37.Sentence-ending mark
  38. 38.Sound of an explosion
  39. 39.Strong ale
  40. 40.__ out a living (just manage)
  41. 41.Three-layer cookie
  42. 42.Reverberate
  43. 43.Jazz singer Fitzgerald
  44. 44.Scoundrel
  45. 45.Burden
  46. 46.Dwellings
  47. 47.Entertainer Midler
  48. 48.Good judgment
  49. 49.Simplify
  50. 50.Voice above tenor
  51. 51.Old Testament strongman
  52. 52.Verification of a fact
  53. 53.Dad's boy
  54. 54.Diva's solo
  55. 55.Houston baseballer
  56. 56.Blast from the __ (song oldie)
  57. 57.Not filleted, as fish
  58. 58.Biblical paradise
  59. 59.Person playing a role
  60. 60.Suffix for kitchen
  61. 61.Walk off with
  62. 62.Noteworthy timespan
  63. 63.Pleasant scent
  64. 64.Snow-removal vehicle
  65. 65.Keep from entering
  66. 66.Cleveland's lake
  67. 67.Prudent part of one's portfolio
  68. 68.Domesticated
  69. 69.Deplete
  70. 70.Having a sharp incline
  71. 71.__ and hearty (robust)
  72. 72.Wander around
  73. 73.Unaccompanied
  74. 74.Clumsy ones
  75. 75.Itty-bitty
  76. 76.Wear away
  77. 77.Ecuador neighbor
  78. 78.Molecule part

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