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  1. 1.In the neighborhood
  2. 2.Deep cut
  3. 3.Soothing liquid following razor use
  4. 4.Increases, as a bet
  5. 5.__ for (decides to choose)
  6. 6.Fasten together, as papers
  7. 7.In addition
  8. 8."At what time?"
  9. 9.Protective liquid for the beach
  10. 10.Japan's continent
  11. 11.Good at home repairs
  12. 12.Narrow opening for coins
  13. 13.Takes a train or bus
  14. 14.Not doing anything
  15. 15.Western Hemisphere alliance: Abbr
  16. 16.Hold __ (keep)
  17. 17."Huh?"
  18. 18.Dollar bills
  19. 19.Frequently
  20. 20.Cream for dental brushing
  21. 21.Strong craving
  22. 22.Restaurant's listing
  23. 23.Hawaiian feast
  24. 24.Right away, in a memo
  25. 25.Factually correct
  26. 26.Part of a molecule
  27. 27.Money in Spain and France
  28. 28.Sharp, as eyesight
  29. 29.Golfer's shout
  30. 30.Trivial
  31. 31.Untruthful person
  32. 32.Sales receipt
  33. 33.Home for baby birds
  34. 34.Revise for publication
  35. 35.Is sure of
  36. 36.Urban back streets
  37. 37.Boulder or pebble
  38. 38.Liquid to gargle with
  39. 39.Totally wreck
  40. 40.Heavily wooded region
  41. 41.The __ Ranger (Western hero)
  42. 42.__ room (play area)
  43. 43.Black bird in a cornfield
  44. 44.Don't rush
  45. 45.Gives temporarily
  46. 46.Do not possess
  47. 47.T-bones and sirloins
  48. 48.Performers who overact
  49. 49.Stare at
  50. 50.Retail shop
  51. 51.Touch down on a runway
  52. 52.Oust from a residence
  53. 53.Convertible or coupe
  54. 54.Sparrow sounds
  55. 55.Home for a parakeet
  56. 56.Baby pet that purrs
  57. 57.Two-year-old kids
  58. 58.Annoying person
  59. 59.Strong smell
  60. 60.STOP or YIELD
  61. 61.Ventilates
  62. 62.Looks at
  63. 63.Curved lines
  64. 64.Coffee with hot milk
  65. 65.Feeling bad about
  66. 66.Rung of a ladder
  67. 67.__ of the above ("other" choice)
  68. 68.Angelic light
  69. 69.Voicemail sounds
  70. 70.Billiards sticks
  71. 71.Hawaiian dance
  72. 72.Threesomes
  73. 73.Small sofa
  74. 74.Groups of cattle
  75. 75.Occupied, as a conference room
  76. 76.Way up in the sky
  77. 77.Oregon and Oklahoma
  78. 78.Engrave deeply

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