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  1. 1.Venue offering theme rooms and costumes
  2. 2.Treat in a snow-capped wrapper
  3. 3.Patagonian purrer
  4. 4.Fleece
  5. 5.What batters use
  6. 6.Seek your fortune, perhaps
  7. 7.Country club construction
  8. 8.Canola-oil-in-a-can brand
  9. 9.Modern verification solicitation
  10. 10.Salmon and squid
  11. 11.Surely state
  12. 12.Aural irritation
  13. 13.Lacks presence
  14. 14."Understood"
  15. 15.Spicy snack-chip
  16. 16.Limited edition treat that returned in '23
  17. 17.Nickname that removes "Ra"
  18. 18.Much removed
  19. 19.Betting settings
  20. 20.Priestly wear
  21. 21.It's not a flank
  22. 22."I'm here for that"
  23. 23.Inclinations
  24. 24.That's not all
  25. 25.Unimaginable extent
  26. 26.Not to be picked
  27. 27.What might link a person to their hometown
  28. 28.From up north
  29. 29.Eight dashes, for short
  30. 30.Tough to get into
  31. 31.Follower down aisles
  32. 32.__ water
  33. 33.Puts in order
  34. 34.Unforced
  35. 35.Small vessel
  36. 36.Craft that benefits craft
  37. 37.Polish partner
  38. 38.Animal carrier
  39. 39."Sea-nymphs hourly ring its __" : "The Tempest"
  40. 40.He covered RMN's reelection campaign for "Rolling Stone"
  41. 41.Nothing really
  42. 42.Numbers
  43. 43.Word from the Greek for "measure"
  44. 44.It ends up in your stomach
  45. 45.The IRS disallows them as dependents
  46. 46.Head turners
  47. 47.Poseidon possession
  48. 48.Air ender
  49. 49.Total
  50. 50.Jump-on-tail skateboard stunt
  51. 51.Where underground bands get together
  52. 52.What I might mean
  53. 53.It's not just a number
  54. 54.Welfare
  55. 55.Big name in breakfasts
  56. 56.Folders for photos
  57. 57.Where clerical work is done
  58. 58.Just like that
  59. 59.Doesn't settle
  60. 60.Main marker
  61. 61.Dungeons & Dragons monstrosity
  62. 62.Facing
  63. 63.Drop-off remark
  64. 64.Natural reservoir for natural gas
  65. 65.Delivered pitches
  66. 66.Catching everything
  67. 67.Safari setups
  68. 68.Pushes too hard
  69. 69.Jaunty
  70. 70.Proposal prelude

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