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  1. 1.Term of endearment from one man to another
  2. 2.601, in Roman numerals
  3. 3.Trait carriers
  4. 4.Mazda competitor
  5. 5.Historical periods
  6. 6.Sculptor or painter
  7. 7.Be that as __ . . .
  8. 8.Certain website pop-ups
  9. 9.Purina alternative
  10. 10.German philosopher Marx
  11. 11.Crow's nest cry
  12. 12.London neighborhood
  13. 13.Coyote cries
  14. 14.Dylan or Hope
  15. 15.Common exam choices
  16. 16.La __ (Milan music venue)
  17. 17.Soprano's performance
  18. 18.Prefix for violet
  19. 19.Diplomatic ritual
  20. 20.Byte prefix meaning ''billion
  21. 21.Spiced tea from India
  22. 22.Letterman nickname
  23. 23.Influence creatively
  24. 24.Likely to fidget
  25. 25.In a bus with the band
  26. 26.Courtroom VIPs
  27. 27.Beer's foam
  28. 28.Mrs. Zeus
  29. 29.One-pot meal with mutton
  30. 30.High principles
  31. 31.Kelly of daytime TV
  32. 32.Hot-dog cart operators
  33. 33.Sounded right
  34. 34.Roll back, as the tide
  35. 35.Colleague of Fidel
  36. 36.Do something
  37. 37.Type of home furnace
  38. 38.Governor's rejection
  39. 39.GI Joe or Barbie
  40. 40.Pack away, as luggage
  41. 41.Cattle drive leaders
  42. 42.Sixth sense, for short
  43. 43.Orange orchard
  44. 44.Frog sound
  45. 45.One living near the Leaning Tower
  46. 46.Cruise or Hanks
  47. 47.Single record's lesser song
  48. 48.Typical TV drama length
  49. 49.Suburban yards
  50. 50.Evita'' surname
  51. 51.Election Day in the USA
  52. 52.Chopped down
  53. 53.What mask holes are for
  54. 54.Holder for thread
  55. 55.Take a taste
  56. 56.British singer of ''Skyfall
  57. 57.No more talk!
  58. 58.Cause to want to scratch
  59. 59.Speediness
  60. 60.Snake that squeezes
  61. 61.Prez on Mount Rushmore
  62. 62.__ Allan Poe
  63. 63.Gave as an example
  64. 64.Not at home
  65. 65.Pay a visit to
  66. 66.City marathon participants
  67. 67.Ending for north or west
  68. 68.That's my cue!
  69. 69.Mull over
  70. 70.Acquires
  71. 71.In addition
  72. 72.Per unit
  73. 73.Attention-getting shout
  74. 74.Jai __
  75. 75.Actress Watts or singer Judd
  76. 76.Police officers on an Interstate

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One of the many reasons why the Newsday crosswords are very famous amongst all the followers is their variety of contests and their different winnings. Stanley Newman, the editor and main crossword constructor at Newsday publishes crosswords that are either constructed by him or by the freelancing crossword constructors from across the world. These puzzles are creative, refreshing and theme based. For instance, their recent Michael Buble Reader Contest, the St. John’s VIP Ticket Sweepstakes, Celine Dion Reader sweepstakes, the 2020 New York Open Tennis Sweepstakes, etc. The prizes for each of these contests are different, but definitely interesting and worthwhile for the winners. For example, the METS Contest winners won tickets to the team’s next match. Interesting right? Once the entries for the contest are closed, people who sent the right newsday crossword solution are shortlisted and later, the winners are randomly chosen by the editorial team at Newsday.

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