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  1. 1.Shopper's reminder
  2. 2.Terrible'' years of childhood
  3. 3.Phone call starter
  4. 4.Where to buy a pie
  5. 5.Neighbor of Thailand
  6. 6.Coins in Spain and Italy
  7. 7.Meeting plan
  8. 8.Clothed (in)
  9. 9.Tacked on
  10. 10.Icy coating on a window
  11. 11.Untruthful one
  12. 12.Nose-horned beast
  13. 13.Took a chair
  14. 14.Winter precipitations
  15. 15.Needing repair, as a dress
  16. 16.Reduced, as prices
  17. 17.Castaway's log vessel
  18. 18.Whirlpool
  19. 19.Jazz band wind instruments
  20. 20.Stir up
  21. 21.Solemn pledge
  22. 22.Crispy potato snacks
  23. 23.Type of steak
  24. 24.Stare at
  25. 25.Himalayan country
  26. 26.Crisscross clothing pattern
  27. 27.Cost to ride a bus
  28. 28.Humpty Dumpty's perch
  29. 29.Cheers heard at bullfights
  30. 30.Ticklish red Muppet
  31. 31.Take short breaths
  32. 32.Home ownership document
  33. 33.Brief film preview
  34. 34.Reduced, as speed
  35. 35.Santa's laughing sounds
  36. 36.At the summit of
  37. 37.Geeky type
  38. 38.Soil that's saturated
  39. 39.Make, as a salary
  40. 40.Knight's iron outfit
  41. 41.There was no other choice
  42. 42.Reduced, as one's waistline
  43. 43.Needing to dry off
  44. 44.Having no skill
  45. 45.Roof overhangs
  46. 46.Initial poker payment
  47. 47.In a mean mood
  48. 48.Electorate
  49. 49.Mona __
  50. 50.Limber
  51. 51.Once more
  52. 52.Synagogue scroll
  53. 53.Folklore brute
  54. 54.Cavalry sword
  55. 55.Improved, as wine
  56. 56.Tractor brand with a stag logo
  57. 57.Attractive
  58. 58.Phone used in a play, say
  59. 59.Approximately
  60. 60.Close by
  61. 61.Soil-turning farm machine
  62. 62.Doorbell sound
  63. 63.Escaped in a hurry
  64. 64.Milky-colored gem
  65. 65.Become drained of color
  66. 66.And others: Abbr
  67. 67.Prove it!
  68. 68.Commentary page
  69. 69.Trifled (with)
  70. 70.Cars for hire
  71. 71.Reduced, as intensity
  72. 72.Part of the eye
  73. 73.Duo
  74. 74.Bill from an ATM
  75. 75.Plus
  76. 76.Stomach, informally
  77. 77.Implore
  78. 78.Bottom-left PC key

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