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  1. 1.Parting word
  2. 2.Inactive
  3. 3.Singing role in 1776
  4. 4.Airing
  5. 5.Ultimately pocket
  6. 6.Put onto paper
  7. 7.Piled without purpose
  8. 8.Timespan
  9. 9.Autocrat
  10. 10.Wharton major
  11. 11.Gangs of London US airer
  12. 12.Capital of South Dakota
  13. 13.Where it's at
  14. 14.Historically hateful 18 Across
  15. 15.Places of worship
  16. 16.On the player roster
  17. 17.With 35 Across, "I've turned the tables on you"
  18. 18.Itch remedy
  19. 19.Jai __
  20. 20.Come about
  21. 21.Almanac page in color
  22. 22.Office acronym
  23. 23.Goddess on Olympics medals
  24. 24.Wholesale
  25. 25.Kin to 5 Across
  26. 26."Perhaps"
  27. 27."At last!"
  28. 28.Trash hauler
  29. 29.Major vaccine maker
  30. 30.Podded plants
  31. 31.See 20 Across
  32. 32.What can sit at a stand
  33. 33.Tijuanan till
  34. 34.Prestigious Pasadena school
  35. 35."Your point being . . ."
  36. 36.Slide on the ice
  37. 37.British archeologist of video game fame
  38. 38.First Best Animated Feature Oscar winner
  39. 39.Caper film plot element
  40. 40.Venerable rag doll
  41. 41.Alternatively
  42. 42.Waikiki wahine, e.g
  43. 43.Central Swiss city
  44. 44.French fowl course
  45. 45.Kin to 5 Across
  46. 46.Alphabetic trio
  47. 47.Still, surprisingly
  48. 48.No-consonant consent
  49. 49.Rich supply
  50. 50.Teared up
  51. 51.Where we got "alligator" from
  52. 52.Links org
  53. 53.Canal locale
  54. 54.Common kitchen piece
  55. 55.Epitomize, as someone might
  56. 56.Crank (up)
  57. 57.Escalator maker
  58. 58.Volunteer's offer
  59. 59.Felled
  60. 60.T-shirt store choices
  61. 61.Request for a card
  62. 62.Bookstore amenities
  63. 63.PC peripherals
  64. 64.Scared-looking
  65. 65.Calls on
  66. 66.Typographical mark
  67. 67.Westminster Abbey has one
  68. 68.Breakfast serving
  69. 69.Stumblebums, so to speak
  70. 70.Tune often sung at luaus
  71. 71.Hazardous white sheet
  72. 72.Moved 19 Across
  73. 73.Part of AD
  74. 74.Head overseas
  75. 75.Best
  76. 76.Makes well

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One of the many reasons why the Newsday crosswords are very famous amongst all the followers is their variety of contests and their different winnings. Stanley Newman, the editor and main crossword constructor at Newsday publishes crosswords that are either constructed by him or by the freelancing crossword constructors from across the world. These puzzles are creative, refreshing and theme based. For instance, their recent Michael Buble Reader Contest, the St. John’s VIP Ticket Sweepstakes, Celine Dion Reader sweepstakes, the 2020 New York Open Tennis Sweepstakes, etc. The prizes for each of these contests are different, but definitely interesting and worthwhile for the winners. For example, the METS Contest winners won tickets to the team’s next match. Interesting right? Once the entries for the contest are closed, people who sent the right newsday crossword solution are shortlisted and later, the winners are randomly chosen by the editorial team at Newsday.

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