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  1. 1.Tiny bit
  2. 2.Ladybug, for instance
  3. 3.Home-selling pro
  4. 4.SUIT filed in court
  5. 5.TIE of a relationship
  6. 6.Adorable
  7. 7.Soaks in a tub
  8. 8.Sudden bump
  9. 9.Shaker seasoning
  10. 10.NFL and NBA channel
  11. 11.Spine-tingling
  12. 12.Playful river mammal
  13. 13.Kingdoms
  14. 14.Cheerios grain
  15. 15."Pay __ mind" ("Ignore that")
  16. 16.Knocked sharply
  17. 17.Strong scents
  18. 18.Cantaloupe or honeydew
  19. 19."Not guilty," for example
  20. 20.Talks and talks
  21. 21.Erode
  22. 22.SUIT something perfectly
  23. 23.Folk knowledge
  24. 24."Billionth" prefix for second
  25. 25.Mailed out
  26. 26.Detect, as an aroma
  27. 27.Enclosure for pigs
  28. 28.Rides the waves
  29. 29.Woman with an inheritance
  30. 30.Ohio or Oregon
  31. 31.Solar system centers
  32. 32.Sound of scolding
  33. 33.Flows back, as the tide
  34. 34.Landlord's income
  35. 35.Wines and dines
  36. 36.Ship's dock
  37. 37.Secluded corner
  38. 38.Taking not much time
  39. 39.Hand in
  40. 40.Diva's solo
  41. 41.Tiresome people
  42. 42.Cosmetics brand that sounds like a cheer
  43. 43.Accompany on a trip
  44. 44.Square footage
  45. 45.Wyoming's Grand __ peak
  46. 46.__ butter (lotion ingredient)
  47. 47.Strike down, in the Bible
  48. 48.End of a kite
  49. 49.Swiss peaks
  50. 50.Battle zone
  51. 51.Spelling contests
  52. 52.TIE ending a chess game
  53. 53.Wild guesses
  54. 54.Our planet
  55. 55.Walks inside
  56. 56.Easter costume with long ears
  57. 57.Heavy weight
  58. 58.Actress Zellweger
  59. 59.Start of an exercise motto with "lose"
  60. 60.Neckline shapes
  61. 61.Wasn't truthful
  62. 62.Typed (in)
  63. 63.Served within browned bread
  64. 64.Slightly
  65. 65.Roundish hairstyle
  66. 66.Written promise to pay
  67. 67.At the summit of
  68. 68.At any time
  69. 69.Slightly open, as a door
  70. 70.Implement with ink
  71. 71.Parking ticket penalty
  72. 72.Life stories, briefly
  73. 73.Explosion sound
  74. 74.Sugar amts
  75. 75.Prod with one finger
  76. 76.Habitual
  77. 77.Holland's floral symbol
  78. 78.__ out a living (barely gets by)

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