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  1. 1.Rooftop wind-direction device
  2. 2.Warning signals
  3. 3.Metallic rocks
  4. 4.Artificial waterway
  5. 5.Windshield material
  6. 6.__ and rave (show anger)
  7. 7.Book of maps
  8. 8.Diamond-shaped sock pattern
  9. 9.Payments to landlords
  10. 10.Stew-cooking vessel
  11. 11.Sense of self
  12. 12.Did some stitching
  13. 13."Stainless" metal
  14. 14.Rooftop energy sources
  15. 15.Rooftop tiles
  16. 16.Declare with confidence
  17. 17.Fond of snooping
  18. 18.Mosquito net material
  19. 19.Conclusion
  20. 20.Start to shed tears
  21. 21.Snoozing
  22. 22.Fireplace residue
  23. 23.Des Moines' state
  24. 24.Shouts out
  25. 25.Informal okay
  26. 26.Slippery as an __
  27. 27.Actor's negotiator
  28. 28.Shirtsleeve insert
  29. 29.Any assistant
  30. 30.Hang around
  31. 31.Rooftop window
  32. 32.Writing utensil
  33. 33.Snake's sound
  34. 34.Operatic solos
  35. 35.Frozen waffle brand
  36. 36.Space aliens: Abbr
  37. 37.Bounce back, as a sound
  38. 38.At a __ for words (speechless)
  39. 39.The things here
  40. 40.Bat's underground home
  41. 41.Musically accurate
  42. 42.Holy
  43. 43.Desire to have
  44. 44.Book with a movie's lines
  45. 45.Lasting marks
  46. 46.Airport screening group: Abbr
  47. 47.Read between the __
  48. 48.Long heroic stories
  49. 49.Make a hole in
  50. 50.Any noteworthy occasion
  51. 51.Capital of Montana
  52. 52.Apex
  53. 53.Had in your hand
  54. 54.Poker table token
  55. 55.Appliances with burners
  56. 56.Temporary craze
  57. 57.What a contact lens covers
  58. 58.Two-speaker sound system
  59. 59.Club membership fees
  60. 60.Person, place, or thing
  61. 61.Fleming who created James Bond
  62. 62.Water, in Spanish
  63. 63.Amount of medicine to take
  64. 64.Builds, as a building
  65. 65.Corrode, as iron
  66. 66.Tax law expert: Abbr
  67. 67.Strut like a steed
  68. 68.Tiger or jaguar
  69. 69.Starts a sea voyage
  70. 70.Organs for listening
  71. 71.Therefore
  72. 72.Yellow songbird
  73. 73.Give off, as heat
  74. 74.Factually correct
  75. 75.Spherical ice cream utensil
  76. 76."It makes sense now"
  77. 77.Burn slightly
  78. 78.Insect that stings

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