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  1. 1."Como __ usted?"
  2. 2.Swampy ground
  3. 3.Young bloke
  4. 4.Fawns over, with "on"
  5. 5.Saloon amenities
  6. 6.Invade successfully
  7. 7.Haughty
  8. 8.Barber's obstacle
  9. 9.Tot's scrape
  10. 10.LPGA player's garment
  11. 11.Certain sheep
  12. 12.Keeps hidden
  13. 13.Spy's collection
  14. 14.Clumsy person
  15. 15.Garden figure
  16. 16.Bygone Ford, familiarly
  17. 17.Library assessment
  18. 18.Sword fights
  19. 19.Colloquial contraction
  20. 20.Do nothing
  21. 21.Home for hogs
  22. 22.Time-consuming
  23. 23.Big potato processor
  24. 24.Italian love
  25. 25.Gift recipient
  26. 26.Aid wrongfully
  27. 27.Apple display area
  28. 28.Port of Yemen
  29. 29.Woodland walkways
  30. 30.Mai __ cocktail
  31. 31.Inappropriate
  32. 32.Clan's colorful design
  33. 33.East Asian peninsula
  34. 34.__ loss for words
  35. 35.Latin eggs
  36. 36.Unseen by the audience
  37. 37.Bangkok native
  38. 38."Small" starter
  39. 39.Foal food
  40. 40.Ending like -esque
  41. 41.Lauder of cosmetics
  42. 42.Cookie quantity
  43. 43.Keg faucet
  44. 44.Melodic
  45. 45.Amount owed
  46. 46.Copter starter
  47. 47."Shall we?" response
  48. 48.Get well
  49. 49.Tapered shape
  50. 50.Assembly of photos from on high
  51. 51.Stone used for marbles
  52. 52.Enthusiastic
  53. 53.Tropical snakes
  54. 54.Dietary need
  55. 55.Discontinue
  56. 56.SAS alternative
  57. 57.German article
  58. 58.VIP's ride
  59. 59.Dickens boy
  60. 60.Hieroglyphics reptiles
  61. 61.Firms up
  62. 62.Natural environment
  63. 63.Anything seen
  64. 64.Burro, for instance
  65. 65.Boxful to assemble
  66. 66.Facts and figures
  67. 67.Sanitizes
  68. 68.Novelist Tan
  69. 69.Ear tip
  70. 70."Seems to me . . ."
  71. 71.Recipe's "as you like it"
  72. 72.So far
  73. 73.Tear (apart)
  74. 74.Taking of land for public use
  75. 75.Lack of confidence
  76. 76.German article
  77. 77.Gull cousin
  78. 78.Choral range
  79. 79.Escalator maker
  80. 80.Duckling's dad
  81. 81.Very quick, in brand names
  82. 82.Greet and seat
  83. 83.Evil smile
  84. 84.Italian auto center
  85. 85.Get into a biography
  86. 86.Publicity ad, for short
  87. 87.Helped get through, with "over"
  88. 88.Court statement
  89. 89.Biscotti flavoring
  90. 90.Patronize, as a deli
  91. 91.Very much like
  92. 92.Garden figure
  93. 93.Tedium
  94. 94.Table protectors
  95. 95.Venue for van Gogh
  96. 96.El __, TX
  97. 97.Sturdy as __
  98. 98.Small bill
  99. 99.First rate
  100. 100.Wisely not mentioned
  101. 101.Final
  102. 102.Sculpted body
  103. 103.Net income
  104. 104.Hard-drive capacity prefix
  105. 105.Engrosses
  106. 106.U-turn from NNW
  107. 107.Woodwind player
  108. 108.Honda alternative
  109. 109.Fresh Air airer
  110. 110.Word on oven dials
  111. 111.Stubborn as __
  112. 112.Explosive letters
  113. 113.Gets moving
  114. 114.Spaghetti, essentially
  115. 115.Without delay
  116. 116.Cold War adversary
  117. 117.Legislature leadership role
  118. 118.Over yonder
  119. 119.Crow's comment
  120. 120.The film industry
  121. 121.Ursine abodes
  122. 122.Send forth
  123. 123.Baggage handlers
  124. 124.Vintage ski lift
  125. 125.Increases
  126. 126.Certain sheep
  127. 127.Wait
  128. 128.Tearful
  129. 129.Legal claim
  130. 130.Inlet, for instance
  131. 131.Dark wood
  132. 132.Theme
  133. 133.__ qua non
  134. 134.London-born superstar singer
  135. 135.Leaves the dock
  136. 136."__ little confused"
  137. 137.Hoity-toity type
  138. 138.Evening hr
  139. 139."Lose your gullibility!"
  140. 140.Yankee catching great
  141. 141.Accident investigation agcy
  142. 142.Former inmate
  143. 143.Be inclined (to)
  144. 144.English racing town
  145. 145.Go bad
  146. 146.Shelter org

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