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  1. 1.Shows up in the afternoon?
  2. 2.Like some spy messages
  3. 3.Tidy up
  4. 4.Envy, e.g.
  5. 5.[Hey!]
  6. 6.Recipe instruction
  7. 7.Component of a fairy costume
  8. 8.Lackluster
  9. 9.One with a fasten-ating job?
  10. 10.Jacket type
  11. 11.Fond du ___, Wis.
  12. 12.Some are loose
  13. 13.Certain
  14. 14.Supplication to Ares (Plastic Ono Band)
  15. 15.Tear
  16. 16.Spanish "but"
  17. 17.Cafeteria server
  18. 18.Features of airports in Nevada
  19. 19.Chant to an honoree
  20. 20.Criticism of Narcissus (Carly Simon)
  21. 21.Job candidate's aspiration
  22. 22.Half of a Muppet duo
  23. 23.Brood
  24. 24.Condo, e.g.
  25. 25.What a cordwainer makes
  26. 26.Predator that can grow to roughly the size of a school bus
  27. 27.The "I" of AIG: Abbr.
  28. 28.Nail work, for short
  29. 29.Vegetable that looks like a portmanteau of two other vegetables (but isn't!)
  30. 30.Building support beam
  31. 31.Radii, e.g.
  32. 32.Dodger Stadium is built on one
  33. 33.___ Linda, Calif.
  34. 34.Total suck-up?
  35. 35.Heart monitor, for short
  36. 36.Beef, maybe
  37. 37.Touching, say
  38. 38.Under-the-table
  39. 39.Hirer of an executive director
  40. 40.Stopper
  41. 41.Ribbed pasta
  42. 42.Egg white
  43. 43.Iconic TV role for Lucy Lawless
  44. 44.Yoga pose on all fours
  45. 45.Big name in auto parts
  46. 46.___ avis
  47. 47.Major inconvenience
  48. 48.Worker who throws things
  49. 49.Olympic crafts since 1936
  50. 50.Actress Chaplin
  51. 51.Warning to Icarus (The Beatles)
  52. 52.Pres. Biden, once
  53. 53."Whoaaaaaa"-inducing
  54. 54.Guiding light
  55. 55.Match
  56. 56.Exclamation from Astro on "The Jetsons"
  57. 57.Comment to Aphrodite (Roy Orbison)
  58. 58.Tell (on), informally
  59. 59.Certain polytheist
  60. 60.A, as in ancient history?
  61. 61.Peter and Alexander
  62. 62.Entreaty to Hades (Electric Light Orchestra)
  63. 63.Concur
  64. 64.Some are loose
  65. 65.Dior fragrance
  66. 66.Figure skating jump
  67. 67.Item in a table setting
  68. 68.Orders
  69. 69.Vocal range from about F3 to F5
  70. 70.___ Major Cluster (astronomical grouping)
  71. 71.Frequently, poetically
  72. 72.Its first store was in Älmhult, Smaland
  73. 73.Foul
  74. 74.Common city street hangouts
  75. 75.Erupt with laughter
  76. 76.Representation of January
  77. 77.Smoke detector?
  78. 78.German "or"
  79. 79.Tell (on)
  80. 80."2001" computer
  81. 81.Jr. and sr.
  82. 82.Eat in style
  83. 83.Set apart
  84. 84.Word of woe
  85. 85.Crme ___ crme
  86. 86.Highlight, in a way
  87. 87.URL starter
  88. 88.Swing by a string, say
  89. 89.Popular vacation destination
  90. 90.___ and the Pussycats (fictional band)
  91. 91.Component of some chains
  92. 92.Request to Prometheus (The Doors)
  93. 93.Radiate
  94. 94.Big things to sell out
  95. 95.First name in cosmetics
  96. 96.Solomon, for one
  97. 97.Spirit of St. Louis, e.g.
  98. 98.Univ. sessions
  99. 99.Articles that may be wired
  100. 100.Parcel of land
  101. 101.Congratulations to Eos (Cat Stevens)
  102. 102.Consideration for a hairstylist
  103. 103.Neither lose nor win, in betting lingo
  104. 104.Drunken walk
  105. 105.Popular pizza chain, familiarly
  106. 106.Letters on a Cognac bottle
  107. 107.Somewhat
  108. 108.De Carlo who played Lily Munster
  109. 109.Bygone Apple desktops
  110. 110."No ___!"
  111. 111."Optical" accessories
  112. 112.Chapters of history
  113. 113.Cutting room?
  114. 114."___ Misbehavin'"
  115. 115.In particular, in shorthand
  116. 116.Camp production, maybe
  117. 117.Trunk
  118. 118."You tell 'em!"
  119. 119.Cheeky
  120. 120.Airport transport
  121. 121.Need for double Dutch
  122. 122.Something found on a belt
  123. 123.Like some books
  124. 124.Purge
  125. 125.Congregants' seats
  126. 126.Cancel out
  127. 127.Having a lot of dinero
  128. 128.Either blank in "___ is ___"
  129. 129."Like . . . NOW!"
  130. 130.Nuevo Hampshire, por ejemplo
  131. 131.___ Daly, "Cagney & Lacey" co-star
  132. 132.Small sip of alcohol, to Brits
  133. 133.Excited gifter's words
  134. 134.To excess
  135. 135.Kind of history
  136. 136.Underlying reason
  137. 137.Van ___ & Arpels (jeweler)
  138. 138.Ingredients in many candies
  139. 139.Religious figurehead
  140. 140.London-based cosmetics giant

About New York Times Crossword

Published daily in one of the most reputed and prestigious newspapers in the world, solving The New York Times Crosswords is a challenge in itself. The crosswords are published daily in the print issues as well as the newspaper’s online website which are further syndicated to other 300 journals and newspapers and mobile apps.

The newspaper has had only 4 crossword editors until now, starting from Margaret Farrar, Will Weng, Eugene T Maleska and lastly Will Shortz, all in their respective order of succession. The puzzles are mostly constructed or edited by Crosswords Guru, Will Shortz since 1993. With each passing week day, the puzzles keep getting difficult, with the easiest crosswords being published on Monday and gradually getting difficult with each passing day of the week. The most complicated crosswords are published on Saturdays. The Sunday crossword is comparatively larger and appears in The New York Times Magazine. It is deemed to be just as difficult as the Thursday crossword and solving the New York Times crossword answers is a challenge that everyone wishes to win.

The daily puzzles are 15 X 15 squares but the Sunday Crossword puzzle is 21 X 21 squares, a little smaller than the previous 23 X 23 square puzzles. The popularity of The New York Times Crossword grew widely over the years and is now considered as one of the most prestigious and most widely circulated crosswords across USA. Taking a big leap in the world of crosswords and puzzles, the NYT crosswords game was released in 2007 by Majesco Entertainment. The game includes more than 1000 NYT crosswords from the different weekdays of a week.

Majority of the NYT crosswords are not directly written by Will Shortz himself. The puzzles are constructed by a variety of freelance contributors which are only edited and checked by the maestro before publishing. The Thursday and Sunday puzzles are always themed and have a connection with long NYT crossword answers that are similar to letter substitution, type of pun, etc. The daily puzzles are made available on the website in the evening before they are published in the newspapers the following day. The puzzles for Saturday and Sunday are published at 6 pm, the evening before.

New York Times Crossword Contests: The New York Times Crossword started a new tradition of hosting the Super Mega Crossword Contest once a year, since 2018. The Giant puzzle is 50 X 50 squares in size and appears in the paper’s Puzzle Mania section. It’s been 3 years since the giant puzzle is being constructed and published in the paper. A random winner is chosen from all the entries who correctly answered the puzzle and gifted a prize money of $1,000 from the publication.

NYT Puzzle Authors: Will Shortz many other freelance constructors such as Sam Ezersky and Brenden Emmett Quigley.

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