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  1. 1.Causes of some P.R. nightmares
  2. 2.Successfully pranked
  3. 3.Work up
  4. 4.Org. with eligibility requirements
  5. 5.Checks for clothes
  6. 6.Mousse, e.g.
  7. 7.Grew rapidly, in a way
  8. 8.Evidence of hunger
  9. 9.Tuscan city
  10. 10.Like the voice of Joan Jett or Janis Joplin
  11. 11.Guess alternative
  12. 12.Marion Crane's sister in "Psycho"
  13. 13.Musician who once joked "I'm not offended by all of the dumb blonde jokes because I know I'm not dumb . . . and I also know that I'm not blonde"
  14. 14.Jobs done on one's feet?
  15. 15.Finding the bull's-eye
  16. 16.Turner who said "Forsaking glamour is like forsaking my identity"
  17. 17."Enjoy the honey-heavy ___ of slumber": Shak.
  18. 18.Shade of red
  19. 19.They don't care for icing, for short
  20. 20."Huh?"
  21. 21.Latin opposite of "mala"
  22. 22.Slipshod
  23. 23.Fuel conduit
  24. 24.Taunt
  25. 25.T, in a code
  26. 26.Jason's pet in "FoxTrot"
  27. 27.Expression of shock
  28. 28."The door's open!"
  29. 29."Thanks for the update," when said sarcastically
  30. 30.Song title shared by Schubert and Beyoncé
  31. 31.Utility subject, in brief
  32. 32.Question that's more of a comment meaning "Look at what you've done!"
  33. 33.Felt hat
  34. 34.Kind of question
  35. 35.One stymied by security questions, say
  36. 36.Really open up in therapy
  37. 37.Soup eaten with chopsticks
  38. 38.Benefit
  39. 39.Cry while swishing one's hand
  40. 40."Chill, bro"
  41. 41.Place to go out and be out
  42. 42.Agcy. founded by Nixon
  43. 43.Whimsically move from here to there
  44. 44."So . . . thumbs-down?"
  45. 45.Early 2000s meme
  46. 46.Butt to bum
  47. 47.What's sharp near the bottom?
  48. 48.Modern fashion portmanteau
  49. 49.Street food filled with queso
  50. 50.Music disc?
  51. 51.___ Grove, Missouri locale that marked the original starting point for the Oregon Trail
  52. 52.Bestie, perhaps
  53. 53.Tap
  54. 54.Fit for a queen?
  55. 55.Quartz variety
  56. 56.Smoothness, so to speak
  57. 57.On the D.L.
  58. 58.Spiritual teacher in Hinduism or Buddhism
  59. 59.Eponym for a dish
  60. 60.Tech expo offering
  61. 61.Portmanteau for a rare winter phenomenon
  62. 62.Creatures with the scientific name Monodon monoceros
  63. 63.Something you might gloss over
  64. 64.Like some smiles and winks
  65. 65.Some fund-raising grps.
  66. 66.Cold brews
  67. 67.Request for enlightenment
  68. 68.Game played on a road trip
  69. 69.Go all over
  70. 70.Personal styles, in brief
  71. 71.Capellini lookalike
  72. 72.Host

About New York Times Crossword

Published daily in one of the most reputed and prestigious newspapers in the world, solving The New York Times Crosswords is a challenge in itself. The crosswords are published daily in the print issues as well as the newspaper’s online website which are further syndicated to other 300 journals and newspapers and mobile apps.

The newspaper has had only 4 crossword editors until now, starting from Margaret Farrar, Will Weng, Eugene T Maleska and lastly Will Shortz, all in their respective order of succession. The puzzles are mostly constructed or edited by Crosswords Guru, Will Shortz since 1993. With each passing week day, the puzzles keep getting difficult, with the easiest crosswords being published on Monday and gradually getting difficult with each passing day of the week. The most complicated crosswords are published on Saturdays. The Sunday crossword is comparatively larger and appears in The New York Times Magazine. It is deemed to be just as difficult as the Thursday crossword and solving the New York Times crossword answers is a challenge that everyone wishes to win.

The daily puzzles are 15 X 15 squares but the Sunday Crossword puzzle is 21 X 21 squares, a little smaller than the previous 23 X 23 square puzzles. The popularity of The New York Times Crossword grew widely over the years and is now considered as one of the most prestigious and most widely circulated crosswords across USA. Taking a big leap in the world of crosswords and puzzles, the NYT crosswords game was released in 2007 by Majesco Entertainment. The game includes more than 1000 NYT crosswords from the different weekdays of a week.

Majority of the NYT crosswords are not directly written by Will Shortz himself. The puzzles are constructed by a variety of freelance contributors which are only edited and checked by the maestro before publishing. The Thursday and Sunday puzzles are always themed and have a connection with long NYT crossword answers that are similar to letter substitution, type of pun, etc. The daily puzzles are made available on the website in the evening before they are published in the newspapers the following day. The puzzles for Saturday and Sunday are published at 6 pm, the evening before.

New York Times Crossword Contests: The New York Times Crossword started a new tradition of hosting the Super Mega Crossword Contest once a year, since 2018. The Giant puzzle is 50 X 50 squares in size and appears in the paper’s Puzzle Mania section. It’s been 3 years since the giant puzzle is being constructed and published in the paper. A random winner is chosen from all the entries who correctly answered the puzzle and gifted a prize money of $1,000 from the publication.

NYT Puzzle Authors: Will Shortz many other freelance constructors such as Sam Ezersky and Brenden Emmett Quigley.

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