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  1. 1.White or unbleached cotton fabric with no printed design
  2. 2.Small round boneless slice of lamb from the fillet or leg
  3. 3.Mikhail —, 1960-61 world chess champion
  4. 4.Whitish milky fluid containing protein and starch produced by many plants including the rubber tree
  5. 5.Small three-masted Mediterranean vessel formerly used by Algerian pirates
  6. 6.Vincent —, rugby union wing; 2002 France Test debutant against South Africa
  7. 7.Standard monetary unit of Bolivia
  8. 8.Nicolas —, director of films Two Deaths, Bad Timing and Track 29
  9. 9.1964 Olympic men's 200m gold medallist
  10. 10.Bay window supported by one or more brackets
  11. 11.Martin —, Astronomer Royal from 1972-82
  12. 12.Silvery-white metal; symbol Pt
  13. 13.1951 novel by Samuel Beckett
  14. 14.Bill —, cartoonist whose strips include The Cloggies and The Fosdyke Saga
  15. 15.Peter —, Nigeria and Stoke City midfield footballer
  16. 16.1966 comedy-drama film starring James Mason, Alan Bates and Lynn Redgrave
  17. 17.Author of novels Glover's Mistake and Utterly Monkey
  18. 18.1893 novel by R L Stevenson subtitled A Sequel To "Kidnapped"
  19. 19.Cereal grain used in brewing and animal feed
  20. 20.Michael —, author of stage plays Alphabetical Order and Noises Off
  21. 21.John —, 16th-century theologian whose works include Institutes of the Christian Religion
  22. 22.English county; administrative centre Truro
  23. 23.Professional name of Russian-born designer Romain de Tirtoff
  24. 24.Aquatic New World bird; smallest member of the Podicipedidae family
  25. 25.Harriet Beecher —, author of 1852 novel Uncle Tom's Cabin
  26. 26.Thomas William —, English agriculturist associated with the Holkham estate in Norfolk