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  1. 1.Christopher —, poet and dramatist who authored stage plays The Jew of Malta and Edward II
  2. 2.Rare breed of English pig with a black body and white points
  3. 3.See 24
  4. 4.Amorphous form of hydrated silica used as a gemstone
  5. 5.Patricia —, Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar winner for Hud
  6. 6.Chinese tree bearing a small orange fruit with a sweet rind
  7. 7.1988 comedy-drama film starring Sonny Bono and Ruth Brown
  8. 8.2004 comedy-drama film starring Sigourney Weaver and Emile Hirsch
  9. 9.Former Australia, NSW Waratahs and 2012-15 Exeter Chiefs rugby union lock
  10. 10.Joiner in William Shakespeare play A Midsummer Night's Dream
  11. 11.City in Belarus at the confluence of the Pina and Pripyat Rivers
  12. 12.Edible marine gastropod mollusc also called a sea-ear
  13. 13.Series of games in a tennis match
  14. 14.The —, 1950 film drama starring Marlon Brando and Teresa Wright
  15. 15.Soft leather used in gloves made from sheep, kid or lambskin whose name derives from a city in California, US
  16. 16.2002 film drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Dustin Hoffman
  17. 17.Trevor —, South African golfer; 2008 Masters Tournament winner
  18. 18.See 11
  19. 19.Secretary-General of the United Nations from 2007-16
  20. 20.D L —, England cricketer who scored the first century in an ODI
  21. 21.2007 family film starring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey
  22. 22.God of thunder in Norse mythology
  23. 23.Root vegetable of the cabbage family eaten raw in salads
  24. 24.Large Old World tree of the mahogany family whose bark is used to make a tonic
  25. 25.Capital of the former Spanish Sahara; largest city of the disputed territory of Western Sahara also called Laayoune
  26. 26.1979 comedy-crime film starring Farrah Fawcett-Majors and Charles Grodin