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  1. 1.The —, 1977 Walt Disney animated film starring the voice talent of Bob Newhart and Eva Gabor as mice Bernard and Miss Bianca
  2. 2.Anna —, actress who played the title role in ITV drama series Marcella
  3. 3.Netani —, 2006-15 Fiji back-rower at Worcester Warriors from 2007-10
  4. 4.Fred —, golfer; 1992 Shell Houston Open tournament winner
  5. 5.Rainer Maria —, Prague-born poet whose works include 1923 volume Duino Elegies
  6. 6.1976 studio album by Bob Dylan
  7. 7.West African republic; capital Dakar
  8. 8.2008 comedy-drama film written and directed by Martin McDonagh
  9. 9.Geological aeon constituting the later part of the Precambrian
  10. 10.Lowest ranking suit in card game bridge
  11. 11.1896 novel by Arthur Morrison
  12. 12.Group or set of twenty
  13. 13.Standard unit of currency of Latvia replaced in 2014 by the Euro
  14. 14.Robert —, US cartoonist whose creations include Fritz the Cat and Mr Natural
  15. 15.Claire —, actress married to actor Rod Steiger from 1959-69
  16. 16.Delmore —, US writer whose works include 1938 volume In Dreams Begin Responsibilities
  17. 17.Author of novels The Witch's Head and King Solomon's Mines
  18. 18.Any of several former Italian silver coins whose name derives from the Latin word for shield
  19. 19.The —, 2017 film drama starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks
  20. 20.Lamon —, 2004-06 WBO Heavyweight champion
  21. 21.Hugh —, English Protestant bishop burnt at the stake in 1555
  22. 22.City in the Czech Republic also known as Pilsen; a 2015 European Capital of Culture
  23. 23.— Island, land area in the Arafura Sea off the coast of Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia
  24. 24.Joan —, New Zealand-born soprano, violinist and golfer who died in 1996