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  1. 1.City in England that houses Villa Park football stadium
  2. 2.Standard monetary unit of Bahrain
  3. 3.Peter —, Scottish painter whose works include White Canoe and Orange Sunshine
  4. 4.William —, 1992 Olympic 800m gold medallist
  5. 5.European republic; capital Warsaw
  6. 6.City in California, US, that houses Disneyland Park
  7. 7.Tim —, Conservative MP for Suffolk South from 1983-2015
  8. 8.English county whose towns include Chipping Norton and Witney
  9. 9.2001 novel by Gregory Maguire
  10. 10.Card game based on collecting sets and sequences
  11. 11.Ralph Waldo —, US poet who authored 1836 essay Nature
  12. 12.& 17D New Mexico-born hotelier whose wives included actress Zsa Zsa Gabor
  13. 13.Henrik —, Swedish golfer; 2016 winner of The Open Championship
  14. 14.BBC TV motoring show first presented by Angela Rippon in 1977
  15. 15.City in Somerset whose Latin name was Aquae Sulis
  16. 16.Large colourful deep-sea creature also called a moonfish
  17. 17.Fibrous substance extracted from silkworms used in the manufacture of fishing tackle
  18. 18.See 3 Down
  19. 19.Felicity —, actress who played Rosemary Boxer in ITV drama series Rosemary & Thyme
  20. 20.2009 sci-fi film starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster
  21. 21.Member of a group of peoples of NE India and NW Myanmar who formerly practised headhunting
  22. 22.1923 novel by H G Wells whose protagonist is Mr Barnstaple
  23. 23.Alan —, American musicologist whose books include Mister Jelly Roll
  24. 24.Large stocky Australian marsupial such as the Common —
  25. 25.European plant of the genus Stellaria with small white star-shaped flowers such as the Greater —
  26. 26.City in NE Romania; a former capital of the country