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  1. 1.Strong white metallic element; symbol Ti
  2. 2.Pop group who starred in the films A Hard Day's Night and Help!
  3. 3.Chief Israeli airline
  4. 4.Name given to W A Mozart's String Quartet No 19 in C major of 1785
  5. 5.Person skilled in the Japanese martial art of ninjutsu
  6. 6.The , 1967 film drama starring Peter Fonda and Susan Strasberg
  7. 7.William , 1992 Olympic 800m gold medallist
  8. 8.British unit of capacity equal to eight gallons
  9. 9.The , 1958 stage play by Brendan Behan
  10. 10.Bird of enormous size and power in Arabian legend
  11. 11.Songwriter-bandleader who acted in films The Cincinnati Kid and The Blues Brothers
  12. 12.Peter , Scottish painter whose works include White Canoe and Orange Sunshine
  13. 13.James , Belgian painter whose works include 1890's The Intrigue
  14. 14.V , cricketer whose 2012 West Indies Test debut was against Bangladesh at Mirpur
  15. 15.Jenny , winner of the 1995 Perrier Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
  16. 16.Social insect also called a white ant
  17. 17.US state whose capital is Indianapolis
  18. 18.Capital of Norway
  19. 19.Main port and commercial capital of Yemen
  20. 20.Minor infringement in tennis requiring a point to be replayed
  21. 21.Artist of the Venetian School who painted The Rape of Europa and The Death of Actaeon
  22. 22.See 11 Across
  23. 23.The , 1859 novel by Anthony Trollope
  24. 24.& 14A Actress who played Sydney Henshall in BBC TV drama series Cutting It (4,6)
  25. 25.Houseplant native to southern Africa also known as hen-and-chickens
  26. 26.1900 opera by Giacomo Puccini