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  1. 1.— River, tributary of the Missouri River in the US that flows into the Lake of the Ozarks reservoir
  2. 2.Tony —, rugby union wing whose 1955 Ireland Test debut was against France
  3. 3.1948 Alfred Hitchcock film thriller based on a stage play by Patrick Hamilton
  4. 4.First sign of the zodiac
  5. 5.Resort town in north Wales at the entrance to the Vale of Clwyd
  6. 6.Poet in Greek mythology who married Eurydice
  7. 7.Plant related to the onion cultivated for its edible bulb
  8. 8.Lion in the The Chronicles of Narnia heptalogy by C S Lewis
  9. 9.River in northern Italy that flows to the Adriatic via Verona
  10. 10.1965 novel by P G Wodehouse featuring the character Tipton Plimsoll
  11. 11.Popular English morality play of the early 16th century
  12. 12.John Philip —, US composer of the march The Stars and Stripes Forever
  13. 13.Maria —, US mezzo-soprano; mother of actress Rebecca Hall
  14. 14.In Japanese cookery, a dish of meat basted with soy sauce and rice wine and broiled over an open fire
  15. 15.Type of wooden shoe
  16. 16.Clare —, singer and actress whose roles include Susan in 1981 comedy-drama film Gregory's Girl
  17. 17.Joseph —, German conceptual artist whose works include Felt Suit, Sled and Capri Battery
  18. 18.Breed of short-legged terriers developed in Wales
  19. 19.Cristian —, actor whose roles have included Jason Turner in ITV drama series Footballers' Wives
  20. 20.Wingless parasitic insect that lives on the skin of mammals
  21. 21.1980 action film starring Sam J Jones in the title role
  22. 22.Author of 1955 novel An Episode of Sparrows
  23. 23.Sixteenth of an ounce in the avoirdupois system of weights
  24. 24.Small fleshy flap of tissue at the back of the throat; an extension of the soft palate