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  1. 1.Handsome youth in Greek mythology loved by Aphrodite and killed by a wild boar
  2. 2.Vegetable protein developed from fungus used in cooking as a meat substitute
  3. 3.See 15 Down
  4. 4.Large Eurasian bird of the crow family
  5. 5.Vincent , French composer of the opera Fervaal, which premiered in 1897
  6. 6.& 1D Singer-actress who played Leather Tuscadero in US television sitcom Happy Days (4,6)
  7. 7.See 16 Across
  8. 8.1900 opera by Giacomo Puccini
  9. 9.Lens that is convex on one side and concave on the other
  10. 10.2005 animated film featuring the voice talent of Mel Brooks and Jim Broadbent
  11. 11.Mountain range in south central Europe
  12. 12.Monetary unit worth one hundredth of a Swedish krona
  13. 13.US author of 1899 novel The Awakening
  14. 14.City in NE Estonia near to the Russian border
  15. 15.Felix , prime minister of France from 1957-58
  16. 16.Carboniferous pigment obtained from soot used in making printer's ink
  17. 17.Tony , World Middleweight boxing champion from June-September 1948
  18. 18.See 22 Down
  19. 19.Lake , body of water on the Peru-Bolivia border
  20. 20.1982 novel by Shirley Conran
  21. 21.2008 action film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe
  22. 22.Beagle in the strip cartoon Peanuts
  23. 23.& 23A Actress who played Frigga in 2011 action film Thor (4,5)
  24. 24.& 4D North Sea oil rig that exploded and was destroyed in 1988 (5,5)
  25. 25.2013 action film starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman
  26. 26.1987 romcom starring Kim Basinger and Bruce Willis
  27. 27.City in Ohio, US, known in the early 20th century as the rubber capital of the world