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  1. 1.Kel —, golfer who won The Open Championship in 1960
  2. 2.2000 film thriller starring James Marsden and Lena Headey
  3. 3.Another name for a hazelnut
  4. 4.The —, 1980s ITV sitcom starring Bill Maynard
  5. 5.& 5D 1976 Olympic men's 110m hurdles gold medallist
  6. 6.Beijing-born actor who played Yin Yang in 2010 action film The Expendables
  7. 7.Capital of Gabon
  8. 8.BBC TV sitcom that starred Ronnie Barker as Albert Arkwright
  9. 9.See 12 Down
  10. 10.Chay —, Scottish yachtsman who sailed single-handed around the globe in a westward direction in 1970-71
  11. 11.& 2D 1977 stage play by Alan Ayckbourn
  12. 12.Any of several breeds of gundog with a silky coat and long ears
  13. 13.James —, 1976 winner of the F1 World Drivers' Championship
  14. 14.Sea of —, arm of the Black Sea fed chiefly by the River Don
  15. 15.Michael —, presenter whose television credits include Antiques Roadshow and Crackerjack!
  16. 16.Lucian —, Berlin-born British painter whose works include 1952's Portrait of John Minton
  17. 17.Mr —, character in Charles Dickens story A Christmas Carol for whom Scrooge worked as an apprentice
  18. 18.Sarah —, character in Charles Dickens novel Martin Chuzzlewit noted for her large umbrella
  19. 19.Jean —, Strasbourg-born artist also known by the first name Hans whose works include 1938 sculpture Growth
  20. 20.Town in Arthurian legend associated with the character Elaine
  21. 21.The —, 2003 children's book by Jostein Gaarder
  22. 22.Protagonist of 1939 John Steinbeck novel The Grapes of Wrath
  23. 23.See 1 Down
  24. 24.Department of central France; capital Tours
  25. 25.2008 Grammy Award for Song of the Year and Record of the Year winner by Amy Winehouse