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  1. 1.Network of sympathetic nerves situated behind the stomach
  2. 2.Latin American dance of three steps and a kick to each bar
  3. 3.Joseph —, US Senator from Wisconsin from 1947-57
  4. 4.The —, 1890 novel by Henry James
  5. 5.Thomas —, 18th-century English composer noted for his setting of Shakespearean songs
  6. 6.2016 comedy-drama film starring Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson
  7. 7.Deborah Kara —, actress who played Dahlia Gillespie in 2006 horror film Silent Hill
  8. 8.US state; capital Columbus
  9. 9.1966 Grand National winner ridden by Tim Norman
  10. 10.1968 novel by John Wyndham
  11. 11.David —, singer-actor who played Keith Partridge in 1970s US television series The Partridge Family
  12. 12.See 5 Down
  13. 13.1999 film comedy starring Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver
  14. 14.Buffalo endemic to Indonesia comprising the species the Mountain — and Lowland —
  15. 15.& 12A City in Orange County, California, housing the Bowers Museum
  16. 16.Collective name for the islands of the Pacific Ocean
  17. 17.Son of Daedalus in Greek mythology
  18. 18.2016 film comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell
  19. 19.2001 action film starring Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino
  20. 20.Twin brother of Jacob in the Old Testament
  21. 21.William —, English composer and organist who died in 1623 whose publications include Songs of Sundrie Natures
  22. 22.Seventh letter in the Greek alphabet
  23. 23.1962 novel by Jack Kerouac
  24. 24.Robert —, ITV Political Editor and former BBC Business Editor
  25. 25.Town in ancient Palestine destroyed with Sodom in the Old Testament for the wickedness of its inhabitants
  26. 26.Aaron —, US Republican vice president tried for treason in 1807