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  1. 1.See 9 Across
  2. 2.Port and resort in the Algarve, S Portugal
  3. 3.1992 animated film starring the voice talent of Scott Weinger and Robin Williams
  4. 4.Form of music for Scottish bagpipes consisting of a theme and variations
  5. 5.Port in Campania, Italy; scene of fighting between Allied forces and Germany in 1943
  6. 6.Town in N Kent housing both a castle and cathedral
  7. 7.1982 Eurovision Song Contest winner for Germany with A Little Peace
  8. 8.City in Kansai, Japan; capital of the country from 710-784
  9. 9.God of war in Greek mythology
  10. 10.Capital of Armenia
  11. 11.Ken —, actor who played Cliff Barnes in US television soap Dallas
  12. 12.David —, F1 motor racing driver; 2003 Australian GP winner
  13. 13.Chief port of Vietnam at the mouth of the Cam River
  14. 14.Amorphous form of hydrated silica used as a gemstone
  15. 15.See 3 Across
  16. 16.Edward —, composer of 1900 oratorio The Dream of Gerontius
  17. 17.God of fields, woods, shepherds and flocks in Greek mythology
  18. 18.River rising in Ukraine that flows across SE Poland to the Vistula
  19. 19.Dickie —, 1960-62 England Test captain; president of the Rugby Football Union in 1976-77
  20. 20.Patrick —, actor who replaced William Hartnell in 1966 as The Doctor in BBC TV series Doctor Who
  21. 21.& 21A 1995 novel by Philip Pullman
  22. 22.Wall or fence set in a ditch so as not to interrupt the landscape
  23. 23.& 17A 1979-82 ITV sitcom that starred James Bolam, Peter Bowles and Christopher Strauli
  24. 24.Ninth day before the ides of each month in the Roman calendar
  25. 25.1923 stage play by George Bernard Shaw
  26. 26.Martina —, author of novels Dangerous Lady and Goodnight Lady