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  1. 1.& 18D US actress married to Woody Allen from 1966-70 (6,6)
  2. 2.Fermin , 1992 Olympic men's 1,500m gold medallist
  3. 3.City in Croatia on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea
  4. 4.See 3 Down
  5. 5.J K , England Test cricketer who took 7-46 against India at Delhi in 1976
  6. 6.Public service union that joined with COHSE and NALGO in 1993 to form UNISON (inits)
  7. 7.Eric , WBC Super Middleweight champion from 2001-03
  8. 8.John , Denver Broncos American football quarterback; Super Bowl XXXIII MVP
  9. 9.European plant also known as a wood hyacinth or harebell
  10. 10.See 5 Down
  11. 11.Cricket delivery that pitches too far away from a batsman and is deemed an extra
  12. 12.Pointed tool used for piercing wood or leather
  13. 13.1988 Olympic men's 50m and 100m freestyle swimming gold medallist
  14. 14.Title assumed by 19th-century Sudanese military leader Mohammed Ahmed
  15. 15.Cold Spanish soup
  16. 16.& 16D Prize for a race between seaplanes and flying boats won outright by the UK in 1931 (9,6)
  17. 17.American spy in novels by Donald Hamilton such as The Damagers
  18. 18. saw, tool with a U-shaped frame used for cutting curves in wood
  19. 19.Mike , Governor of Arkansas from 1996-2007; candidate in the 2008 Republican Party presidential primaries
  20. 20.Will , actor whose roles included Grandpa in US television series The Waltons
  21. 21.Richard , actor who played Bertrum Muffet in film comedy Carry On Loving
  22. 22.See 6 Down
  23. 23.Bob , winner of the 1986 US PGA Championship
  24. 24.Yasar , Turkish author of 1955 novel Memed, My Hawk
  25. 25.Form of epilepsy characterised by loss of consciousness and violent convulsions
  26. 26.Glossy woollen fabric woven with a chequered design that shows on one side only
  27. 27.Any of the 150 sacred songs, poems and prayers that constitute the book of the Old Testament that follows the Book of Job