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  1. 1.Susan , actress-director who played Michelle Fowler in BBC TV soap EastEnders
  2. 2.& 18D Late German-American composer-conductor, winner of four Academy Awards, knighted in 1996 (5,6)
  3. 3.1946 film thriller starring Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman
  4. 4.Goldie , Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar winner for Cactus Flower
  5. 5.Adriatic port in Marche, Italy, founded by Greek settlers from Syracuse
  6. 6.Genus of fleshy cactus-like leafless African plants
  7. 7.Tracey , conceptual artist whose works include 1998's My Bed
  8. 8.2012 Olympics individual field event won by Ivan Ukhov and Anna Chicherova in their respective competitions
  9. 9.See 1 Across
  10. 10.Standard unit of currency of Turkey
  11. 11.Soft fine-grained white sedimentary rock consisting of almost pure calcium carbonate
  12. 12.Svetlana , 2009 French Open women's singles tennis champion
  13. 13.Brown flour intermediate between white and wholemeal
  14. 14.Pasta in the form of narrow tubes
  15. 15.Large, droning insect common in warm regions
  16. 16.See 20 Across
  17. 17.Large Eurasian bird of the crow family
  18. 18.African republic whose capital is Libreville
  19. 19.1870 opera by Giuseppe Verdi
  20. 20.Sergei , Soviet politician whose 1934 assassination was the start of the purge of the Communist Party by Stalin
  21. 21.In Jewish legend, an artificially created human being brought to life by supernatural means
  22. 22.Any of several small short-necked ducks often with bright plumage
  23. 23. SSC, car driven by Andy Green that broke the sound barrier on land in 1997
  24. 24.Point in its orbit when a planet is at its greatest distance from the sun
  25. 25.Chris , rugby union player who scored a hat-trick for England in a 35-3 Test win over Ireland in 1988
  26. 26.Jean-Baptiste-Camille , French artist whose works include 1871's The Marsh at Arleux