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  1. 1.2001 novel by Gregory Maguire
  2. 2.In the Roman Catholic Church, a member of an order of mendicant friars founded in the 12th century
  3. 3.D L , England cricketer who scored the first century in an ODI
  4. 4.Lake , body of water connected to the Gulf of Venezuela by the Tablazo Strait
  5. 5.Chessman of the lowest theoretical value
  6. 6.Stan , comedy partner of Oliver Hardy
  7. 7.Joint of the human leg connecting the tibia and fibula with the femur
  8. 8.& 24A Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for her role as Katrin in I Remember Mama (7,3,6)
  9. 9.BBC TV series for children that starred Clive Dunn in the title role
  10. 10.Robert , New York City-born baritone whose Metropolitan Opera debut was in 1945
  11. 11.1977 novel by Sidney Sheldon
  12. 12.King of Elis in Greek mythology whose stables were cleaned by Heracles
  13. 13.1992 comedy-drama film starring Robin Williams as Leslie Zevo
  14. 14.Idi , Ugandan head of state from 1971-79
  15. 15.Medieval siege cannon housed at Edinburgh Castle
  16. 16.Republic in SE Asia established as a British trading post in 1819
  17. 17.See 16 Across
  18. 18.Public holiday in Australia and New Zealand on 25 April commemorating the Gallipoli landings
  19. 19.Lana , high school girlfriend of Clark Kent in the Superman comic book series
  20. 20.1966 Grand National-winning horse
  21. 21.Sebastian , character in 1945 Evelyn Waugh novel Brideshead Revisited whose teddy bear is named Aloysius
  22. 22.Giant in British folklore associated with the giant Magog
  23. 23.Large extinct flightless bird of New Zealand
  24. 24.US resort town in central Colorado noted for its skiing
  25. 25.1962 opera by Michael Tippett based on the Iliad
  26. 26.Actress whose roles have included Rachel Noyce in 1989 film drama The Rachel Papers