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  1. 1.Rapidity
  2. 2.Foundation
  3. 3.Herb
  4. 4.Highland games log
  5. 5.Easy to lift
  6. 6.Harden
  7. 7.Melodies
  8. 8.Resounds
  9. 9.Smack
  10. 10.End
  11. 11.Concerning
  12. 12.Young male horse
  13. 13.Wager
  14. 14.With no success
  15. 15.Measuring sticks
  16. 16.Spring bulb
  17. 17.Raising agent
  18. 18.Courageous
  19. 19.Colour
  20. 20.Practical joke
  21. 21.Religion
  22. 22.Ague
  23. 23.Fulcrum
  24. 24.Two-footed animal
  25. 25.Remainder
  26. 26.Cavities
  27. 27.Period of tenure
  28. 28.Quarrels
  29. 29.To father
  30. 30.Illegal
  31. 31.Crafty
  32. 32.Norse god
  33. 33.Observe
  34. 34.Harvests
  35. 35.Large marine flat-fish
  36. 36.Overseas
  37. 37.Favourite alcoholic drink
  38. 38.Show amusement
  39. 39.Canvas shelters
  40. 40.Sport with a Goal Shooter position
  41. 41.Scolds harshly

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