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  1. 1.Merciful, tolerant
  2. 2.Small trace
  3. 3.Sing like the Swiss
  4. 4.Unify
  5. 5.Walking pole
  6. 6.Sea eagle
  7. 7.Finish
  8. 8.Commotion or fuss
  9. 9.Venomous snake
  10. 10.Our planet
  11. 11.Religious festival
  12. 12.Applaud vocally
  13. 13.Equipped with weapons
  14. 14.Carpenter's tool
  15. 15.Chatter
  16. 16.Kitchen device
  17. 17.Funeral car
  18. 18.Drying cloth
  19. 19.Evict
  20. 20.Withstand
  21. 21.Recently
  22. 22.Generation
  23. 23.Landowner
  24. 24.Correct
  25. 25.Pullover
  26. 26.Surpass
  27. 27.To put down
  28. 28.Experience once more
  29. 29.Rips
  30. 30.Withhold
  31. 31.Rescues
  32. 32.Prose composition
  33. 33.Flat
  34. 34.Loud and disorderly
  35. 35.Myth
  36. 36.African country
  37. 37.Very happy
  38. 38.Angry or furious
  39. 39.Star sign
  40. 40.Fruit type
  41. 41.Bewitch

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