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  1. 1.Spring over
  2. 2.Halts
  3. 3.Precipitous
  4. 4.Flier
  5. 5.Mr Robbins, actor
  6. 6.Counting frame
  7. 7.Former French coin
  8. 8.Abominably wicked
  9. 9.Animal doctor
  10. 10.Guide
  11. 11.Discourage
  12. 12.In name only
  13. 13.Mountain lake
  14. 14.Bathroom fitting
  15. 15.Rend
  16. 16.Wails
  17. 17.Change in form
  18. 18.Greedy person
  19. 19.Garden flower
  20. 20.Of the nose
  21. 21.Was victorious
  22. 22.Harden
  23. 23.French bean
  24. 24.Worker in stone
  25. 25.Without end
  26. 26.Blacksmiths block
  27. 27.Container
  28. 28.Abundant
  29. 29.Tuneful
  30. 30.Stare angrily
  31. 31.Cure
  32. 32.Level
  33. 33.Guards round
  34. 34.Group of witches
  35. 35.Large wasp
  36. 36.Regulate
  37. 37.Vehicle
  38. 38.Brings up
  39. 39.Amphibians
  40. 40.Girls name
  41. 41.Mediterranean island
  42. 42.Brimless cap
  43. 43.Inexpensive
  44. 44.Circular coral reef

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