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Metro Cryptic Crossword Answers -19-April-2024
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Metro Cryptic Crossword Answers -17-April-2024
  1. 1.Strengthen the power of restraint
  2. 2.Inexperienced in setting up hostilities
  3. 3.Untested as it is made in America
  4. 4.Good man needs help to become sober
  5. 5.Give different positions to the row at the back
  6. 6.A profit once more
  7. 7.Meal is again over
  8. 8.Ring in triumph on entry
  9. 9.What I should have when small
  10. 10.Given accommodation dishonestly arranged
  11. 11.Force to be in debt in public relations
  12. 12.Ian is up a mountain
  13. 13.From necessity ran to oppressor
  14. 14.Quality improved for nursery product
  15. 15.Search and rob to get gun
  16. 16.Back of missing folio should make for smoother running
  17. 17.Oily part of a tractor
  18. 18.Excursion the French go on three times
  19. 19.Natural development of binder
  20. 20.Not exactly where Daniel was in danger from jaws
  21. 21.Loss of reputation when record tried out
  22. 22.Victor loses his head nearer the centre
  23. 23.Loyal sentiments reflecting genuine emotions
  24. 24.Tricky ruse is potential danger to state

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About Metro Cryptic Crossword

Metro is a notable British newspaper which publishes daily free crosswords. Various types of crossword puzzles are published in this paper for instance, Quick Crossword, Cryptic Crossword, and Sudoku. Metro Cryptic crosswords are quite complicated and challenging. If you’re a novice, then you should start with Metro Quick Crossword. However, if you’re an experienced crossworder, then you should play Metro Cryptic Crosswords.

Cryptic Crosswords are those puzzles which have double meanings. They may seem simple on the surface but they have deeper meanings. The first part of the clue may be a straight answer but the later part of the clue could be a double meaning or entirely different answer. You have to think from various angles to figure out the correct answer. Cryptic crosswords are sometimes very hard and difficult to solve. Take your time and solve the puzzle by thinking out of the box.

When you play the Metro Cryptic crossword online, there is a timer present which you can pause if you want to take a break. Cryptic Crosswords are usually more challenging than other puzzles. If you get stuck and can’t figure out the answer, you can get help. Click on ‘’Get Hint’’ and you will receive a hint in the puzzle. Clicking on ‘’Get Word Hint’’ will reveal the answer. You can also check your answers if they are correct by clicking on ‘’Check Answers’’. False answers are highlighted in red in the puzzle.

If you click on ‘’Show Solution’’, the entire solved puzzle is shown. However, the game will be over. Once you solve a puzzle successfully, you can enter your name and check your ranking on the leaderboard. If you want to save the game for future use, you can do so as well. Each weekday, a new free cryptic puzzle is added at midnight on Metro. There are also other games like ‘’Codeword’’ and ‘’Word Wheel’’. Sudoku is also present to play in different levels: Easy, Medium and Hard. From time to time, there is a crossword competition conducted at Metro newspaper.

Metro Cryptic crosswords are quite popular among general audiences. You can play these entertaining crosswords on your smartphone too. Simply download and install the Metro mobile application on your mobile device. Test your knowledge and have an amazing time by solving Metro Cryptic Crosswords.

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