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  1. 1.Transmitted
  2. 2.Objective
  3. 3.Ardent
  4. 4.Receive ball
  5. 5.Unsightliness
  6. 6.Wildlife collection
  7. 7.Farm produce
  8. 8.Book pages
  9. 9.Confection on a stick
  10. 10.Author unknown
  11. 11.Supplier to retailers
  12. 12.Wrap around
  13. 13.Prods sharply
  14. 14.Mention, ... to
  15. 15.Stiffened (fabric)
  16. 16.Bewilder
  17. 17.Pale purple
  18. 18.State boldly
  19. 19.Dupes
  20. 20.Aviator
  21. 21.Jump high
  22. 22.Go faster, ... up
  23. 23.Cavort
  24. 24.Bull-riding show
  25. 25.Commence
  26. 26.Glue
  27. 27.Sapphires & diamonds

About Lovatts Universal Crossword

Universal crossword puzzles are those puzzles which any English speaker in the world can play regardless of its native spelling and conversation. Lovatts Universal crosswords are very popular among English speaking countries such as Canada, Australia, USA, South Africa, Ireland, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

Lovatts Universal Crossword puzzles are very interesting and easy to solve. If you don’t know how to play these crosswords, then we will tell you all the details. The information is also available on Basically, you click on the word you want to solve and it is highlighted. The clue will appear in across and down fields. You can also click directly on the clue to highlight the word in the grid. If you are playing on a smartphone, then the crossword clues will appear within the puzzle.

If you want to delete an answer, simply click on the letter and press the Backspace or delete key. You can also write another letter on it without deleting it. When you play the Lovatts Universal crossword, there is a timer which you can pause at your own will. To search for hints, click on the ‘’Hint’’ tab. To check for mistakes, you can click on Reveal tab which will display all the wrong letters in red for 5 seconds. Furthermore, you can also take a peek at entire solution for 5 seconds by clicking on ‘’Reveal’’. Once you have solved the crossword puzzle, click on continue to see the scorecard with your rank and time. Please note that if you use a hint, you won’t be ranked.

Lovatts Universal crossword is a nice puzzle which any English speaker can naturally solve. It isn’t that hard and you just need to focus on hints to get the answers. Practice a lot and you will be able to solve the puzzles in no time. We hope that you have a good time playing Lovatts Universal Crossword.

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